Spring Shopping Guide. Everything You Should Buy Now!

spring shopping finds
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Spring is in the air which means it's time to dust off those pocketbooks and get ready for the sunny days.  Here are all of the things you need (okay, fine, no one needs a monogrammed wine stopper) to get in the mood for the season.

gifts for mother's day
All images via their respective owners, compiled by Amanda Rodriguez

For Your Mama

Not sure what to buy your mama?  This list should get you started.

From top left:

These aren't your nurse's Crocs.  Check out their new styles that are cute and comfy for chasing grandkids in.

Mom like to get her garden on?  Or, her fall asleep on the beach while she’s pretending to read on?  This floppy hat will keep the sun from frying her.

Get mom a patterned hostess apron so she won’t get all dirty when she bakes you cookies and takes care of your sticky-handed kiddos while you nap in the room you grew up in. 

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This unfinished bird house won’t even set you back $5, but if you get your kiddos to paint it, it will probably be a lifelong keepsake. Snag it at your local crafting place and make sure you snap to it so it has time to dry before you get the wrapping paper stuck all over it.

Organic stuff doesn’t just belong in your belly, you can wear it too.  My favorite organic clothing comes from Aventura.  Pick for spring?  Their colorful, super soft, organic scarves.

Ohmagosh, I LOVE frosting.  The body frosting looks pretty cool too.

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Mom doesn’t like to share your wine. She could spit in it.  Too gross for you and pretty much all of humanity? Snag a monogrammed wine stopper for your favorite wine-loving mama.

home gifts for spring
All images via their respective owners, compiled by Amanda Rodriguez

For Your Home

Your house needs a little sprucing up too!  Spring finds to infuse your abode with seasonal color.

From top left:

Even impromptu yard picnics need something comfy to spread out on. These colorful picnic throws add just the touch of comfort you’ll need.

Personalized photo plates? Yes please!  And not the granny kind either.  You can take a photo of your choosing and put it on a plate.  And, it doesn't have to be your kid's face, (because, weird) it can be a that pic you took of your favorite burger instead!

Super cool sheets to celebrate furry companions everywhere. Because sleeping on dog sheets is less sneezy and hot than sleeping with your actual dog. 

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Give your guests something pretty to dry their hands on.  Colorful, patterned hand towels will give your bathroom the kick it needs this spring.

gifts for kids
All images via their respective owners, compiled by Amanda Rodriguez

For Your Kids

Kids like spring too.  Here are some fun finds to bring them a little sunshine too.

From top left:

Budding gymnast or just a dude who likes to perform flying jump kicks off of your, um, everything?  A balance beam could be the perfect solution!

Bath toys don't need to be elaborate.  They need need to float, and be gummable for those little people who stick everything in their mouths anyway.  These are perfect for gumming, float nicely, are affordable, and easy to clean.  Total bath time win.

Perfect for on-the-go dining, this booster seat attaches to a standard chair so you don't have to use that icky restaurant high chair with the, ew, what even is that, stuck all over it?!

Want to do a little gardening with your kids?  Start small.  This bit of sunshine comes right up outta the bag.

Cloth diapers are cool. Especially when you snag funky fresh diaper covers to cover them up!  Check out these cool designs from Zookaboo on Etsy.

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Give a kid a van and give a bunch of kids one too.  Fun toy, good cause, all wrapped into one. Why not buy one for the mini car collecting kid in your crib?

spring style finds
All images via their respective owners, compiled by Amanda Rodriguez

For Stylin'

Warm weather generally means new style for your bod too.  Cool looks to add to your family’s spring wardrobe.

From top left:

Hip kids like hip gear.  New graphic tees and more from Jamz Streetwear.

Rain, rain, go away. Or at least let me put my hat on before you drench me.  Super cool yellow rain hat to keep your kiddo dry.

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Please, please, please just get a pedi and rub the winter off before you don these fun spring wedges.

Spring florals are so what’s up.

Mint is the perfect spring color.  Grab an oversized tote in the color to pair with your spring looks.

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Have a baseball lover in the house? Modify Watches has the perfect gift idea for you then!

gift for mom
All images via their respective owners, compiled by Amanda Rodriguez

For You

Last but certainly not least, you need a little spoiling this season too! Check out these awesome ideas to treat yourself to (or to heavily hint at to your hubster for Mother’s Day).

From top left:

Chocolate, bacon & pancakes?  All wrapped up together?! Kill. Me. Now.

From beach totes to pantry organization, 31 Gifts has stylish items that are super functional.  This is my beach bag.  I love, love, love it!

Planning to nurse in public but don't want your lady bits flopping about?  Give onlookers something to stare at with these supper adorable nursing covers

BB Cream needs more than 4 color options to choose from. Thankfully, the people from Smashbox know that. Check out their Camera Ready BB Cream to find a tone that matches your skin color better.

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Throw their art away? Who? Me? Never! Not when there’s a place that takes kids’ art and turns it into cute, one-of-a-kind jewelry!

Maybe you've already got skills with the knitting needles, but for those of us in the skill-less set, this learn to knit kit looks like it could have us making our own drink cozies in no time.  Go ahead, be jealous. 

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For easy, comfy new mom style check out Fabletics; the sister site of Fabkids but for grown up ladies who like working out, or lounging about, or lounging about after considering a workout.  It's cool because you create your style profile and then they just mail you your pick each month.  Of course you can skip a month, or change your size when you lose that first 15lbs of baby weight!

Which of these picks is your favorite? 

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Spring Shopping Guide. Everything You Should Buy Now!

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