Social Mom Idols: 6 Best Kids’ Activities & Play Blogs

social mom idols
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As any awesome mom can tell you, active kids are happy kids. But, after weeks and weeks and weeks of summer your brain may be hitting a wall when it comes to creative-activity-your-kids-can-do-without-spending-hours-on-Pinterest.

Pinterest isn't your only awesome mom avenue. Besides, the chocolate chip cookie recipes are so distracting.

Here are some awesome moms online who help keep kids busy … smiling!

Image via Where Imagination Grows

Where Imagination Grows

Perfect for: Toddler-Preschool Parents

Written by a mom to a toddler who also operates an at-home daycare, Where Imagination Grows, is a happy little online place to be inspired. It's packed with activities you can do to keep your kids engaged and happy every day of the year and I've yet to come across an idea that's outside of my ability-to-complete wheelhouse, and you know my wheelhouse is teeny. Check out this easy to complete ball run activity that you can make with items around your house.

Other faves:

Image via What We Do All Day

What We Do All Day

Perfect for: School age kids and Dudes!

Stay at home moms have all been asked the same questions: “What do you do all day?” and “Don't you get bored?” This SAHM is sending out a resounding “NO!” to both of those with her action packed blog. Filled with great ideas for play and exploration, this DudeMom of two offers awesome ideas for keeping Dude kids (and their female counterparts) happy and thinking. And, they don't have a TV so she's in charge of all of the entertainment! My fave? This balloon rocket activity that dudes will dig!

Other faves:

bricklaying kids
Image via Learn With Play at Home

Learn With Play at Home

Perfect for: Toddler-Preschool

On leave from her teaching job while raising her young children, this Australian-based mama to two provides tons of ideas for play-based learning. Her activities are easy to duplicate and provides awesome tips for parents to extend the activities for learning purposes. She even gives vocabulary words, challenge ideas, and info about the skills to be gained for those who are truly interested in using a play based curriculum in their teaching. Many of her ideas are great for the classroom too! I adore her Invitation to Play series, and this bricklaying for kids activity is a great example of how kids can learn from their play.

Other faves:

foaming stars
Image via Fun at Home With Kids

Fun at Home With Kids

Perfect for: Baby-Preschool

This mom of two uses her background in education to keep her kids entertained as they learn. Her activities are playful and easy to duplicate for those mindful of a budget. Don't expect to see hundred dollar PVC pipe yard sprinklers here, most of her activities can be made with things you have on hand. We loved this magic foaming treasure stars activity, because duh, maaaagic!

Other faves:

tie dye
Image via Mom of 6

Mom of 6

Perfect for: School Age Kids

This mom of six may be familiar to you (she's an EverydayFamily writer!) because of her awesome organizing posts and tips for raising a big family, but she is also the master of fun activities for kids. We love that she has so many great activities for older kids showing that you are never too old to play. This how to tie dye beach towels activity is a fun way to get outside and make something cool out of something inexpensive (plain white towels).

Other faves:

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What is your favorite resource for fun activities with the little ones? Share in the comments!

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Social Mom Idols: 6 Best Kids’ Activities & Play Blogs

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