6 Easy Touches to Create the Perfect Nursery

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Pinterest can be a scary place if you're pregnant or engaged. Just looking at pictures of elegantly and precisely decorated nurseries and receptions with homemade centerpieces galore can make you feel completely inadequate.

Like, you bought a crib for the kid. Isn't that enough?

I went back to the basics and stayed far away from Pinterest. I went with a paint color, one big wall feature, a tribute (or two) to his name, and, after my baby was born, something to commemorate his birth information.

Here are my not-so-ambitious tips for creating a perfect nursery for your new arrival.

Image via Rachel Engel

I try to stay away from your typical blue for boys and pink for girls stuff. My daughter's nursery was a lighter shade of lilac, and my son's is a charcoal gray. It's gorgeous against his deep-brown furniture, the white doors, and ceiling, and the white comforter on the queen bed in his room really pops.

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Don't feel locked in to a certain color palette.

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I found the alphabet idea while browsing Etsy for baby shower ideas a few years ago and was able to score a set of wooden, unfinished letters in varying fonts for only $50. My husband and I went to the paint supply store and picked out four different spray paint colors, and my pregnant belly and I watched from the sliding glass door as he spray painted them outside.

They couldn't have turned out more fabulous. And guess what's holding them up? Command strips! No wall damage (a must, in military housing)! Pictures don't do them justice–they look amazing in person. I find my son gazing at them while I change his diaper.

Image via Rachel Engel

Etsy is also where I found a creator for his name blocks. (Yes, Etsy might be my Pinterest replacement, but shhhh …) The quality of these things is unbelievable, and I think the colors are cute enough to last into his tween years … possibly.

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His name is also celebrated in this super cool poster. (OK, OK, the print came from Etsy, too. I am beyond uncreative when it comes to graphics.) I had it blown up and printed on glossy paper. The frame was half off at Hobby Lobby, and, again, it really pops out from the wall color.

Image via Rachel Engel

The final touch comes from this birth pillow. (Is there a 12-step program for Etsy? I feel like I may need an intervention.) All of his information is arranged on an adorable pillow, which will eventually become a keepsake.

A nursery that didn't cost too much, doesn't go overboard on the decor and design, but is still personalized. It feels complete.

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Jackson loves it!

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6 Easy Touches to Create the Perfect Nursery

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