9 Ideas to Show Your Love for Your Child with Photos

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Why is it that moms can never seem to take enough photos of their children? Is it because every mom is convinced her child is the cutest? Yes, of course. But it is also because it is a way for moms to show their children how much they love them.

My older kids love looking at photos of themselves through the years, from pictures of them as sleeping newborns to their first ballet classes and karate lessons. Going through the story of their lives by looking at photos of them growing up is just one of the ways I show my children how much I love them, but it is a big one!

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To get started, be sure to capture all of the “obvious” photo-worthy moments. No child's story is complete without photos of her wrapped in a newborn swaddle blanket, showing just with just two teeth, or taking her first steps.

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Your child's story — and why you love him so much — goes far beyond these big moments, so take some time to reflect on all of the cute things he does that make you smile.

Is it the way he is delighted by banging on a pot? Does he clutch a favorite lovey to help him fall asleep? Does your heart melt when you walk into his room in the morning and find him snoozing in the soft light or standing up clutching his crib rail waiting for you?

Make a list and be sure to take some photos of the things that make his babyhood special before he moves onto something else and develops new routines and mannerisms. This happens faster than you think!

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The old adage that says “In life with young children, the days are long, but the years are short” is true. What a typical day with a newborn looks like is far different than a typical day with a 3-month-old or 12-month-old.

Make a commitment to document a day in your child's life once a month, once a season, or even just once a year. Many parents approach this project by taking one photo an hour while others concentrate on taking photos of each change in activity, starting with waking up and ending with bedtime.


Although many moments will seem boring and ordinary, you will be amazed at how much changes from one day-in-the-life project to the next.

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Make an effort to take photos that show real life. The dishes in the sink in the background, the toys on the floor, and the bed that isn't made are all a part of your life. Life with children is messy and imperfect — don't let this stop you from documenting how you really live.

Even if these photos may not be ones you want to share on Instagram, your child will appreciate seeing photos of her home when she was little.

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Your child is so cute that you could fill an entire album with nothing but her adorable face, but there are many people that are important to your child that should appear in her photo story.

Some characters in her story will change, such as daycare providers and neighbors, and some, like grandparents, will be around for a long time. Be sure to take photos of your child with all of the important people in her life to be sure her story is complete.

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Remember to include one of the most important parts of your child's life in the photos you take: YOU! Since you are the one taking photos, you may not be in many of them.

Be sure to find a way to get in photos with your child or include photos of you doing the million little things you do to care for your child. You can ask your partner, a friend, or even a stranger to snap a photo of you with your child. Take a few minutes to figure out how the self-timer on your phone or camera works — or get a remote.

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Another way to ensure the entire family appears in your child's photo-story is to hire a professional photographer. Ask your friends for recommendations, but be sure you like the photographer's style before hiring her.

Check out Clickin' Moms' directory of professional photographers with listings by state and specialty. The portfolios of each photographer in the directory have been carefully evaluated to be sure only the best are included, so it's a great place to find a skilled photographer with a high level of skill and talent.


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Photographer Kyla Ewart has developed a lovely workbook for anyone who wants to delve deeper into composing a love letter to their child through photos. Her Clickin' Moms Breakout Session Images From The Heart: Composing Love Letters to Your Children Through Photographs goes in-depth to her approach.

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Remember to print some of your photos to enjoy with your child as well! Traditional prints and albums are fantastic, but you can also think out of the box with a collage metal print from Tiny Prints or a box of photos with sweet messages on the back from Awesome Box.

If you want to put all of your photos into an album but don't want to go through the work of designing one, consider using Tweed Wolf as an option, where you can simply upload your photos and then wait for a proof of an album to approve. You can even upload photos right from Facebook!

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9 Ideas to Show Your Love for Your Child with Photos

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