What You REALLY Need for Baby #2

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At six months pregnant with my first baby, I had it all.

His room was decorated to a T. His clothes were purchased, washed, and lovingly folded. His car seat was installed and toys and books took a prominent place on his shelf. We had a wipe warmer, several toys that were WAY beyond newborn age, swings, bouncers, and carriers. I could have opened a Babies”R”Us in my home, I had so much stuff.

I remember reading an email from another friend who was a first time mom, and it included pages and pages of “must-haves” for the baby. I fell for it hook, line, and sinker. We were fully baby-fied at our house, and I planned on using every baby gadget I bought. And you can probably guess how that turned out …

As first time parents, you want the best, latest, and coolest for your little one, but the second time around, it's a little different. For instance, a lot of our new baby's clothes, towels and sheets are hand-me-downs (hey, green is a girlie color, too!) The wipe warmer is still in the attic and the only comfort item right now is our trusty companion, the swing. Her room? It's still a disaster, a catch-all transition room for all of my son's things. She has a pack-and-play to sleep, clean swaddle blankets (clean — not new) and a few little pink hats. The room can wait — I'll be too busy snuggling her.

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So what do you REALLY need for your baby? Here are some moms who tell you exactly what you need and what can wait.

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“Diapers. Wipes. Swaddling blankets. Boobs and/or bottles. A blanket for the floor. The second (or third!) time around, you see how much you didn't need the first time around.” – Leigh Ann Torres, mom of three and blogger

“A maid. But seriously, a swing. My son lived in his for a long time.” – Roxanne, mom and blogger

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“All you need is a swing, bouncer, car seat, and diapers. If money is really tight just those last two.” – Kristin, mom of two and social media consultant

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“Second time in the hospital, I took my flip flops, only maternity clothes, and a new awesome smelling body wash. I also took my own blanket and far fewer baby clothes than I did with the first one. I used the boppy pillow still for nursing and couldn't remember how I got anything done with the first one without the Fisher Price rocking sleeper. I moved slower and let myself have much more time with the second one.” – Sarah, mom of two and beauty consultant


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“To live in: nursing tanks and high-waist leggings. To do: all the Netflix marathons. For baby: onesies, sleepers, diapers, swing. Other stuff: boppy, all the burp cloths.” – Katie Eure, mom of three and blogger

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Been there, done that moms: What do you think? What were your must-haves by the second time around?

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What do you think?

What You REALLY Need for Baby #2

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  1. Breezie says:

    Honestly I had a bassinet a good comfy blanket for each of us boobies (duh) and Diablo 3 best month out of work of my life.

  2. Ashley says:

    I am right with mom #5! Definitely did a bunch of Netflix marathons while at home the first few weeks. Easiest breastfeeding past time! The necessities for me with #2 are: nursing bras, boppy, swing, pack n play, rock n play, pacifiers, breast shield, breast pump, onesies, sleepers, diaper bag, and of course diapers/wipes/car seat!

  3. Erica says:

    I got everything with snaps, no zippers or pants. Zippers on sleep and plays force you to completely open the sleeper making baby cold or giving baby the opportunity to take their arms out during a changing. I use baby leggings, socks, mittens and a onesie. Her hands and feet are what are always cold so we need to use socks and mittens. Get them in small numbers because you never know yet. It was a surprise for us. Do not take off tags or wash the clothes until after your baby is born. My first out grew all newborn sizes in two weeks. She was always a size or two bigger than her age. Our second is very slim. She is 3 months and fit newborn fine still which was very different from big sis. You really won’t know yet.

    Mei tai baby carrier. Our first hated it so much but our second doesn’t mind it at all, so it’s not a necessity since it can be such a toss up. The one we use now was my sister in law.

    With our first we bought a half size play yard so we planned on using it with our second until she would be too long for it but she rotates herself in her sleep so we put her in the full sized crib leaving the travel one in the living for mommy bathroom breaks and/or chores.

    We didn’t want to go without a wipes warmer, specifically Prince Lionheart, and we didn’t. I’ve read so many say it’s not a big deal but both our girls screamed their heads off with cold wipes at home since we keep our place cool (73* or so).

    We are using the same diaper genie which is great if you have a kid with smelly diapers. One of my nephews had the worst smelling pee and very stinky paste-y poop. And he was purely breast fed.

    Swaddles, for us were a toss up too. Our first hated being wrapped up. She hated it in the womb, she hated it in a carrier, she hated it in a blanket. She liked being cover but not bundled up so we would layer sleepers. Our second was never as forceful in the womb as the first and she likes swaddles as long as her arms are out now. We got convertible Halo sleepers because you can go arms in or out.

    The second time we got a heavy duty light weight stroller. Much better so far. It takes up 1sqft and is maybe 4 feet tall when closed. Takes up much less space than the ones you get with a travel system.

    Have at least six burb clothes. With our first we didn’t really need them but with our second we really have. We take three with us when we go out so if you are prepping, especially for first baby, get at least six. They often come in packs anyways.

    A pump if you breast feed, and only one pair of bottles. Not any and every nipple works for baby so start with one pair, most, of one kind. Tommee Tippie worked so well with our first but Avent Natural works better for our second.

    Nipple shield if you breast feed. Trust me. Get it.

    Even if you breast feed, get at least one pacifier. I breast feed both my kids and they didn’t get confused. Just don’t use it all day. My first hated not getting food from a pacifier (“I suck, I get food,” baby logic.) but our second was fine with it until she could but her hands in her mouth and now she refuses any pacifier. Another toss up.

    And the obvious ones; diapers and wipes and a car seat.

    I say infant car seat. I will tell you why. I live in South Texas. On September 1st you could tell fall is coming because it dropped from 101 to 97 degrees. Getting the baby ready inside is so much more comfortable for baby, the car seat isn’t burning up. Also, when plastic, which is what all car seats are made out of, is in heat, the integrity of it becomes compromised and can break easilier. Not what you want for your child.

    PS. Both my kids are from me and my hubby. Full blood sisters. Incase you were wondering since even physically they sound so different. If you saw their faces you would know they were sisters for sure. They could’ve been twins.

    • Erica says:

      I wanted to add (as if I could add much more) that we bought a crib changer combo with our first which we have enjoyed with both. Just make sure you have enough room for it. Don’t get a big bulky crib just because it looks cute or fancy. Getting one that converts all the way to a full bed is the best to get, which ours does that too. It’s nice to have.

  4. jenelle says:

    Both of my kids had the same things, they are 11 yrs apart so when I had my son a few weeks ago needless to say I had nothing from when my daughter was a baby. I just went about getting the things differently. When I had my daughter, I had a baby shower and anything that I didn’t get from that my parents or grandmother bought. The only thing I had to every buy really were diapers and wipes, and then clothing as she got into bigger sizes. I decided not to have a baby shower with my son, so other than a crib(which my dad bought) and some smaller things, like bottles n pacifiers as well as his going home outfit, I bought everything used from either thrift shops or yard sales. yard/consignment sales. My best friend did buy an infant rocker, some blankets and clothes for me that were new otherwise pretty much everything was used, swing, pack n play, bassinet, rock n play, and almost all his clothes. Babies, whether they are the first or second can have all the same things, I think the difference is that you know what things you absolutely won’t use so you don’t bother(like change tables n wipe warmers, at least I never used those things though I know some people do) and it seems like many people get less afraid to buy used items as they have more children. If I hadn’t of had a baby shower with my daughter all her things would have been used as well, as a single parent its the only way I could have what I wanted for my babies.

  5. winnietest says:

    We were extreme minimalists with our one and only and I never felt as though I was missing anything. We had a family bed and exclusively breastfed so we had no crib and no feeding equipment of any kind. We used a changing pad on the floor for changes and used no gadgets like wipe warmers or diaper disposal thingies.

    We, of course, had a car seat and we did have a stroller. We did splurge on a Scandinavian youth chair that worked as a high chair at table with us, no tray, and then converted and grew with our son until while at university he used it in the adult configuration as a desk chair. We also had a nice rocking chair in the living room but nothing much in equipment beyond that.

    Babies really require little beside their parents and if we simply decide to remove ourselves from the “buy it all baby-go-round” we not only will save money and resources but will find it easier to really understand what is actually useful and not just what is trendy.

    • Erica says:

      I want one of those chairs for our next, or this one now it we can save up enough. It looks clean and fits in nicely with adult furniture too. From pictures, it doesn’t look like it is bulky the way others are.

  6. LauraORourke says:

    The problem with a swing is that it is great for some babies and terrible for others. There’s no telling.

    I was amazed at how few things I didn’t need with my second. Like a crib. My second slept in my room in a playpen for a full year until the bigger one was done with his crib.

  7. So funny, I can totally relate. I went pretty bare-bones for number one, but now with number two I am cutting back even more.

    That baby tub? Yeah, used it twice… he hated it. Still got it in my shed.

    Cute ‘go home outfit’? Not this time. My son lasted 5 minutes in his, before he peed all over it (out the side of his diaper). The nurse took pictures, and he was out of it.

    He had so much clothes he wore once or never at all. Babies apparently don’t really wear jackets.. or hats.. or mittens.. or socks. You can put all that stuff on them, but it’ll be off by the time you blink. Not this time around. So far I bought two packs of onesies and two packs of sleeper gowns.. oh and a new crib (super basic, $90 crib), since my dear toddler is not cooperating with the move to a toddler bed. My son practically lived in a onesie, swaddled in a hospital blanket (turned out they were much softer than the new ones we bought, that we incidentally NEVER used. Not once.)

    Now all I need is a middle name for our daughter.. that seems to be the hardest thing. We’ve got less than two months to go!

  8. mommy nhoj says:

    Cool. There are lot of things we didnt buy for our first. We are a bit practical I guess


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