Real Moms Sound Off: What I Won’t Miss about Pregnancy


Ahhh, pregnancy–a time in your life when you'll feel deep joy and physical pain simultaneously.

It's no secret I loved being pregnant. Even on my worst day, I enjoyed it, and now that my baby is here, I have to say there are times when I miss having that little baby in my belly.

But not always.

There are definitely things I won't miss about pregnancy–those minor annoyances that pile up over the course of nine months to leave a lasting memory. I won't miss sleeping on my side only, supported by five pillows under every part of my body. I won't miss going to the bathroom thirty times in a day (at least six of those happening in the middle of the night). I won't miss the heartburn, the constipation, and the inability to take anything for pain other than Tylenol (and now, apparently, not even that).

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Hear what other mamas won't miss about pregnancy. Weigh in with your own thoughts!

alexis nasc
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“I won't miss out-of-control hormones that made my face break out like a teenager! That was the worst; new pimples popping up every day! :(” — Alexis Nascimento

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“I don't miss having only one comfortable sleeping position (and still not being able to sleep!).” — Greta Funk

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“Oh you know, the drowning in my own body piece got a little old. I don't miss the carpal tunnel, either. I wasn't very good at pregnancy. I mean, I had twins, and that's a feat, surely, but pregnancy and I just didn't mesh well together. Barfing in my own eye especially sucked.” – Kallay Carr

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“I won't miss people asking me if I was having twins because I carry all up front. Or belly rubs … I ain't Buddha.” — Alycia Neighbours

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“I won't miss those middle-of-the-night leg cramps that come out of nowhere and rip you out of a dead sleep. Also? Peeing every 5-10 minutes (literally) when I was 8 months pregnant with the twins.” – Natalie Hoage

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“Getting stuck on the couch or furniture in general. With my last baby, I seemed to not be able to get off of the couch without help … It was like it sucked me in or something.” — Jackie Park-Cross

Doctor G 1.2scr
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“Not being able to take ibuprofen!!” – Deborah Gilboa

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What were your least favorite parts of pregnancy?

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Real Moms Sound Off: What I Won’t Miss about Pregnancy

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  1. Leslie says:

    I never had any of those problems. Just the mood swings. I took three naps. I still can get sleep cause she loves too. She is 3


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