Real Moms’ Favorite Post-Delivery Gifts

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The last few weeks of pregnancy are filled with checklists (OK, let's face it — the entire pregnancy is that way for some women). Hospital bags, birth classes, registry items, stocking up on the essentials, and pre-planning meals are all top-of-mind for many women before delivery. After? For most ladies, it's 100% baby brain. It's difficult to think about anything but that sweet little face in the first few weeks after delivering your baby. Luckily, there are other kind people in the world to help you think about other things.

I asked some real moms to answer this question: What was the nicest thing  someone did for you after giving birth? Whether you're the one who is soon to be giving birth or you're interested in helping out an expectant friend, they had some great things to share. Here are some of the best answers.

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I was never very hungry the first few weeks after giving birth to my son, so food was the last thing on my mind. Plus, my energy levels were ridiculously low, so a home-cooked meal was not in the cards. We were blessed with restaurant and grocery store cards and lots of meals delivered to our house. Other moms agreed that meals were the best gift after delivery.

Crystal Cash White, mom of one, said, “Bring food … a main course, two sides, bread, and dessert. It was perfect and freezable. It was the first meal I ‘fixed' after bringing my baby home. I think the act of fixing the dinner gave me a ‘this is my life and it's perfect' feeling.”

Erin Roseberry, mom of three, said, “The nicest thing someone did for us was make meals for us. It was such a relief not to have to think about meal planning or cooking. “

Laura O'Rourke, mom of two, agrees.  Someone “brought me homemade treats while I was in the hospital – that was the nicest thing someone did.” 

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Natalie Hoage, mom of three, said her nicest gift was this: “They brought us dinner when we came home from the hospital, but didn't stay to visit. That sounds bad, but it is hard to be sociable and polite when you're exhausted and not even sure what you are doing!”

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In a sleep-deprived state, the only thing I could think about immediately postpartum was sleep — even more than eating. Short naps — even 45 minutes between nursing sessions — felt like an amazing gift. This was another top answer from our moms.

“A friend came over and let me take a nap. She brought food too but the nap was the real wowza gift,” Kristin Zaslavsky, mom of two, said.

Jayme Weiden, mom of two, answered the same way. “The nicest thing? Someone took care of the baby for a couple of hours so that I could SLEEP!”

Sarah Collins, mom to two, said some straight talk was just what she needed after delivering. “The nicest thing someone did for me was make me take a nap and a shower!”

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Sweet and sentimental:

It's often the little things that leave the biggest impressions on a new mother. From the extravagant to the sweet and thoughtful, gifts often provide sentimental value that far outweighs the monetary value. 

Karen Rhodenizer, mom of two, recalled her husband's gift after she delivered their twin boys. “My husband, sweet man, had the nurses put a wrapped little jewelry box on each baby's belly the first time they wheeled them into our room, a couple days after they were born.”

For Julie Masheney, a simple act made a huge difference. “The nicest thing someone did for me was painted my toenails for me after surgery.”

Erin Bachman, mom of four, had a special gift from her mother after each delivery. “My mom always brought me two extra special pairs of PJ's and slippers each time I gave birth and a special shower/lotion/care bath kit for the hospital and at home. After my second birth I knew it was coming but it was always sooooo nice to get that special new thing to wear because I knew I wasn't going to get out of jammies for weeks!”

Kelsi, mom of three, got a pretty nice gift following her delivery. “My hubs bought me a new laptop as a push present/anniversary present.”

Erin Roseberry's mother had the right idea — the gift of time! “My mom did all of our laundry. I mean PILES. And she would visit with me in the evening hours if the hubs had to work late.”

Lisa Black, mom of two, remembered her father's act of kindness after she became a mother for the first time. “My dad came and took me home from the hospital where we had been snowed in for 6 days waiting on Brandon's jaundice to get better … we went home in a terrible snow storm, against the nurse's advice … to get me home. Sounds strange maybe, but I had very few visitors because of all the snow and I just wanted to get home and start my life as a mother. I always knew my daddy would move heaven and earth for me, but he proved it that day.” 

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Now it's your turn. What was the nicest thing someone did for you after you gave birth?

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Real Moms’ Favorite Post-Delivery Gifts

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  1. JJAMES says:

    I joined a blended family- my husband was a widower when we married, so right away I became step mom to his step daughter ( 17 @ the time) and his daughter (5 @ the time)… 4 years later (this past June2014) we added a son to the family.
    I have 2 women I call Mother in Laws because of this. My Mother in law (his mom) spent a week at my house and did all the chores.. my other mom in law spent a weekend doing the step daughter spent another weekend and let me sleep, my own mother has spent days at my house and babysits weekends so that my husband & I can sleep and become “re-acquainted” with each other sans baby. I feel blessed.
    These are gifts beyond measure.

  2. mommy nhoj says:

    My mom was with us few days before I gave birth and stayed for a week more. And then my mother in law and helper came along. I never have to worry about food and can get some naps as needed. But I guess, it was me who’s so eager to be with the newborn baby!

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