Printable Chore, Bedtime, and Potty Training Charts {Free Downloads!}

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One parenting challenge that I've faced in the past couple of years is teaching my children responsibility. I want to instill this in them at an early age because I believe teaching them this is guiding them to a life of independence and reliability.

Deborah Gilboa, M.D., also known as Dr. G, says in her book Get The Behavior You Want …Without Being The Parent You Hate! that teaching kids responsibility early on sets them up for future success. How? By teaching them new skills, we can delegate that responsibility to them (like clearing the table after a meal). And every opportunity to teach a new skill means we're also imparting work ethic to them. Dr. G defines work ethic as “The willingness to step up to a job that needs to be done. The perseverance to stick with that job until it's finished. The integrity to do your best at the task. The ability to put up with repetition, revision, and plain old boredom on the way to the goal.” (page 52)

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I am all for imparting these values to my kids, and since my children are very visual learners (as are many kids), I decided to look for some useful chore charts for three areas of our lives that we want to focus on.

Chore charts are great because they impart a sense of expectations (mine) and anticipation (theirs). Plus, kids love rewards and stickers! I asked three mothers to share their charts with us for daily tasks that help ease their day and create their children's routines.

We have also made these printable charts free for download just for you!

Heather of Sports Mom Survival Guide, who created a customizable household chore list, said, “Struggling to find balance for my three boys between playtime and contributing to household chores, I derived the idea of giving each boy age-appropriate chores and allowing them to earn money for them. The paid chores are balanced out with weekly unpaid chores, allowing them to understand that we don't get paid for everything in life!”

Get the pdf of this chart here, or fully customize it with the Excel file here.

Do you have kids fighting bedtime every single night? You are not alone. Laura O'Rourke, mother of two, with another on the way, said, “I came up with this sleep chart when I was trying to find ways to encourage a clear bedtime routine with my toddler, and I was also getting frustrated with cleaning up toys by myself after he was in bed. I wanted something that he would be able to ‘read' on his own with obvious pictures. By letting children do this, they feel a sense of control over the routine and begin to take pride in doing it. When we first implemented the chart, we put it on the fridge, and he ran back and forth after each task to see what was next. It worked like a charm, and bedtime suddenly became fun for him, instead of something he would fight.”


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Get the pdf of this chart here.

Ah, potty training. There are so many instruction manuals, blog posts, and articles about this, because frankly, it is not easy for everyone. I have experienced several failed attempts at potty training and only achieved success with a chart! I love this one by Andrea of Homemade for Elle, who said, “When I was potty training my daughter, I thought some form of positive reinforcement would help keep her interested and motivated. We would place a sticker on the potty chart after each success and give lots of applause. She loved picking out stickers, and not much later, she was potty trained!”

Get the pdf of this chart here.

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Which of these charts do you think you'll use first?

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Printable Chore, Bedtime, and Potty Training Charts {Free Downloads!}

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