Best Picnic Ever! (Wait Until You See What the Kids Do With the Ants!)

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Are you running out of things to do to entertain your kids during the hot weeks of summer? I know when the temperatures reach the high 90s and the heat index is far too hot for kids, my boys tend to go wild in the house. I know those are the days when I don't have time to sit and figure out what we will do. It's nice to just reach for the computer and find a few fun activities.

Here are some fun summer picnic activities with a mixture of indoor and outdoor fun.

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Watermelon Tissue Paper Craft

What kid or adult doesn't love watermelon? This easy waterlemon paper craft is made with paper plates cut in half, tissue paper cut into squares, glue, and black beans (for the seeds). Just don't do what I did and give your child the entire bag of beans.

Let's just say I'm still finding black beans in the kitchen!

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Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars

Help your child create binoculars with contact paper and toilet paper rolls. Once you've made your binoculars, go on a bear hunt and search for stuffed animals you hid beforehand. This activity can be played outside or inside. My boys love it when I time them to see how long it takes them to find all the hidden animals.

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Teddy Bear Picnic Story Board

Create a felt story board by gluing large pieces of felt to a cork board or cardboard box. Then cut out pictures from the story The Teddy Bear Picnic. Have your child help you read the story by using the felt pieces to act it out. Then switch roles and encourage your child to come up with their own story about a picnic with teddy bears.

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Teddy Bear Animal Clinic

Put together a teddy bear animal clinic with a bed sheet decorated with a large cutout band-aid (from felt). If you don't have pretend doctor toys, get creative. Kids love to play with band-aids and toilet paper rolls (to be used as casts).

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Plastic Ant Pick-up

What spoils a picnic faster than rain? ANTS! I purchased two bags of plastic ants from Amazon for a project a while ago. For the picnic activities before lunch, I scattered them all over the room we had our picnic in and had the kids get rid of them as fast as they could. They had a blast and did it two more times before they ate.

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Picnic on a Blanket

End your picnic activities with a picnic lunch on the floor. Make it as simple or as fancy as you want. Eating on a blanket on the floor is exciting anywhere for kids!

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Best Picnic Ever! (Wait Until You See What the Kids Do With the Ants!)

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