What People Really Love to Give and Receive for Christmas

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Christmas, for those of us that celebrate, will be here in T-minus two days, which means, technically we only have one shopping day left!


What to get? What to get?

Don't panic. I checked in with some of my closest friends and asked them to share what the best gift they've ever given or received was.

Everything from a sway-back horse to a mounted dinosaur head was mentioned!

Moral of this story: Think outside the big box store to please someone you love this holiday season.

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A Special Ornament

I was bidding on a hand-knit squirrel ornament for a child's cancer charity auction event one Christmas. My daughter picked it out. Sadly, I was outbid on the item; however, it was for charity, so it's all good.

“I was, however, blown away when I received a package in the mail and opened it to find, you guessed it, the very same adorable, fuzzy little squirrel. Turns out my girlfriend from grade school had knowingly outbid me, doubling the charity donation, and sent me the ornament as a surprise gift. To this day, I smile and hang it on the tree each year.” – Laura-Lee Van Brunt

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Help at Home

A cleaning lady that came once a week for a year. It was heaven!” – Kendra Frampton

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A Special Memory

“My brother took a regular camera picture of my oldest son and [me] and surprised me one Christmas by having one of his co-workers make a poster-sized charcoal drawing of it!!! My son at the time was 2; he's now 15!” – DeShawnda Johnson

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A Memorable Adventure

Bought my future husband (boyfriend at the time) a trip to London and Dublin. Eight amazing days together; celebrated St. Patrick's day in Ireland. (It was cheaper than the Vegas trip his uncle wanted him to go on, too!! )” – Elizabeth Moniz Clare

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Kindness in a Difficult Time

“My son asked for a tablet for his little brother, a water bottle, and snow for Christmas. I was bragging about it on a couple of chat pages, and someone is sending my younger son (the little brother) an awesome Chrome tablet, and someone else paid our electric bill so we could afford to buy our oldest the iPad mini he really wants (with a little help from grandma and grandpa) but wouldn't ask for because he knew it was too expensive for Santa and that we didn't have the money for it either.

“Our kids went from getting a few little things from us to getting exactly what they wanted for Christmas due to the generosity of others!” – Jenna Henning

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old horse
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A Best Friend

Pepsi. No, not the beverage, the horse. I'd been caring for her when her owner got a new horse and decided that she was yesterday's news. We bonded. We're best buds. Then the owner sold her. I was devastated. Until she turned up on our front lawn with a huge red bow tied around her neck.

“I was a lonely kid, and she was my best friend, sway-backed, old, and ornery as she was.” – Lara Dipaola, Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom

date night
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A Night Out

Tickets to Wicked and dinner in NYC!” – Kirby Quiles-Brown

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Something Handmade

A few years ago, I made my dad a blanket. He is a huge Miami Hurricanes fan. I sewed together a blanket with the Miami U on it. He still uses it now.” – Juliana Marin

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Something They Never Thought They'd Get

I don't know if it was the best, but the one I remember. I was 16, and my mom gave me this tiny plastic bag with ribbons, and it had mascara, lip gloss, and a mirror. I am from Russia, and it was a BIG deal back in that day. I also remember that it was Christian Dior. Also a huge deal. All items were not full size.

“I remember being in a subway and I had mascara on for the first time, and I thought that everyone should notice my incredibly long eyelashes.” – Irene Shtock

dino head
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A Dinosaur Head

“I am giving my husband a Mounted Velociraptor Dinosaur Head. I AM SO EXCITED. I can't wait until Christmas. He has no clue it is coming. (FYI: It is a huge wooden ‘puzzle' type thing. Not a real head.)”

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Time Together

I received my daddy. He was able to stay at our house while he was working in the next town over. We are a military family, so being able to see family on or close to a holiday is the best gift I can receive.” – Halley Sims Martin

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What was your best gift ever? We'd love for you to share in the comments!

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What People Really Love to Give and Receive for Christmas

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