Our Top Registry Picks, Delivered to Your Front Door

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Registering for baby can be surprisingly hard! What all do you really need? You always want to get what's best, and there are SO MANY options! I've put together a registry list including what I found to be the best for my baby and our family. Everything can be found on Amazon, which is fantastic because it can be delivered right to your door. I hope these things will be helpful for your family as well!

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Ubbi diaper pail

You're probably thinking, “That is one expensive trash can.”, and you're totally right. But it's also a really fantastic one! Our son's changing table is setup in our bedroom because it's on the main floor of our home and his room is upstairs, so it just made sense for us. A diaper pail in your bedroom is not terribly romantic, but this one is so amazing we never smell a thing! Plus it's super easy to use and comes in great colors.


I really love the Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive for the early days, and they're on Amazon's Subscribe and Save program, so they're cheap!


Amazon has their own wipes! And they're pretty good too.

Boudreaux's Butt Paste

We primarily use coconut oil for diaper changes, but if my son's tushy ever gets a little irritated this stuff clears it right up.

Travel changing pad

This thing is great! In the early days I would just stash a clean onesie in here along with my wallet, phone, and keys and my son and I were good to go most places.

Badger corner changing table


I was on the hunt for a corner changing table because of our space and because it just made sense to me to change baby with his feet facing me rather than from the side. This table has worked great for us! We actually pulled the big laundry bin out next to the table and use the large space to store boxes of diapers. The other shelves have various things on them, and the top has wipes and a spray bottle of fractionated coconut oil for our boy's tush.

On the go

Chicco Keyfit 30 infant car seat

Convertible car seats are great because you can use many of them from infant to booster, but they're also typically really heavy and not as easily moved from your vehicle. Enter the “bucket seat”. The beauty of these bad boys is of course their safety, but bonus points for your ability to carry your peanut with you easily without having to remove them from the seat – perfect for lunch out while baby is snoozing. Now, it's dangerous to let baby sleep in this position for extended periods of time, but naps here and there are approved.

Why the Chicco Keyfit 30? We loved this seat for our son. I don't have a ton of experience with different car seats, but our nanny does and this is her favorite. It's also a big hit according to its Amazon reviews. Have two cars? Just buy a second base and you can easily use the seat in both vehicles. Plus it's so easy to load in the vehicle safely each time, it just clicks into its base!

Car seat mirror

Because why wouldn't you want to stare at your adorable baby while you drive? Don't seriously do that. But, it is very handy to be able to glance back and check that baby is all good while still being safe on the road.

Chicco Keyfit Caddy Stroller Frame

The convenience of the snap n go when baby is in the infant seat really can't be beat!

Baby carrier

I love our Ergo! It's easy to use and comfortable for everyone involved.


I'll be honest, I never could figure these things out. But the people that use them swear by them, and I love the idea! There are a couple of baby wearing classes offered in our area that I will probably sign up for with number two so I can wear with something other than the Ergo.




It's a good snot sucker and easy to clean.

PRIMO baby bath tub

When I was pregnant and created my registry on Amazon, I added this tub because I liked that you could use it as baby grew (it has an infant part and a part that baby can sit up in) and it got great reviews.

Exergen temporal thermometer

Because it's nice to have a thermometer that works without having to put it up your baby's butt.

Pigeon nail scissors

These babies trim baby's nails like a dream. Gentle, and super easy to use.


The First Years milk storage organizer

Rolodex for your breast milk. This thing came in very handy to keep my stash organized in the freezer.

Vitamin D drops

Apparently most people in the US are Vitamin D deficient! This is the stuff you get from the sunshine, so we can assume most of us spend too much time indoors now a days. It's tricky in those early days, because baby is not supposed to use sunscreen but you don't want their delicate fresh skin to get burned either! Keeping baby's skin covered is definitely your best bet, because getting outside time is important for everyone involved. Our doc recommended Vitamin D drops early on as well, so please discuss this with your child's pediatrician before introducing.

Drying rack

You want all of baby's feeding things to air out properly so this rack is certainly nice to have!

Drying grass

Same as above, with an extra cute factor. We used the two together and they worked great.

Bottle brush

This one is nice because it includes a stand, plus it holds up well with lots of use.


Glass just feels better to me for drinking all of my beverages out of, so it just seemed right for baby too. These are easy to use and the tube helps with airflow to avoid upsetting baby's belly.



I didn't use this much except for tummy time and when my son was learning to sit up on his own. I always just grabbed a regular pillow for nursing.

Probiotic drops

This is another one that was recommended to us by our pediatrician, but please be sure to discuss it with yours first. Probiotics are very important for everyone's digestion and overall gut health.

Nursing bra

This was my “fancy” going out nursing bra.

Casual nursing bra

This is the one I wore pretty much all of the time. It's still in my drawer even though we're done nursing, just because it's so comfy!

Nipple love

Because the whole someone sucking on your nipples what seems like 24-7 thing can be a little intense for the girls. This stuff works like a charm when applied religiously.



You either love or hate the idea of a pacifier, and baby may or may not even take one. Our son's nanny was the one who managed to get him to take this paci and we're thankful for it! He only uses it to go to sleep, which was wonderful for me when we came to a point when he didn't nurse to sleep anymore he would use this to soothe to sleep instead. He's currently 15-months and is almost over using it. Self-weaning success!

Baby monitor

This is the one we have and it has awesome range. It's only sound, but that's really all you NEED.


We live in Colorado, and while it's beautiful, it's DRY! A humidifier is a must.


Our son was a big baby, weighing in at 9lbs, 3oz at birth! Since he was big, he was also a pretty strong baby and we had to bring the big guns to swaddle him cozy for sleep. This was the only thing he couldn't wriggle free from and it really helped him to stay asleep.


Rock n play

Our son slept in this until the max weight limit. It was what worked so we went with it!


I love gender neutral gray for baby's crib. This one is a convertible and is super reasonably priced!

Crib mattress

You definitely want a firm mattress and this one fits the bill nicely and affordably.

Pack n play

This is a great travel crib. Very easy to setup!

White noise machine

This belonged to my husband and I before it was passed on to our son. We would bring it with us traveling so we could mute out any hotel or other noise and sleep soundly. It works like a dream!


For all the time you'll feeding baby and rocking him/her to sleep, you'll want to splurge on somewhere comfortable to sit.



In those early days this can be a nice thing to have to set baby in for a few minutes while you get something done. Like, let's say … shower?!

Have you added any of these items to your Amazon Baby Registry?

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Our Top Registry Picks, Delivered to Your Front Door

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