Newborn Baby Products: 2000 vs 2017

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I have been in the mom game since 2001 when I welcomed home my first little Dude.

I remember sitting by my monitor in our apartment, listening to one of my neighbors argue with her baby's daddy about his other baby's mama drama. As thrilling as their mini-saga was to my boring life, I remember thinking what a waste my baby monitor was.

My BFF recently had her first baby, and shopping for his arrival was quite mind blowing because there are just sooooo many cool things out there to make baby-having way easier. Almost makes me want to give it another go.


Newborn Baby Products: 2000 vs 2017

blute tooth mobile
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Smartphones. Total game-changers in every facet of life, including baby-raising. They can be everything from a white-noise machine to help get your little one off to sleep to a controller for your mobile so you never have to army crawl across the nursery room floor to turn it back on without getting caught.

You youngsters don't even know what I'm talking about, do you?!

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Video baby monitors. These were finally a thing when my youngest was born, but the screens were so grainy and small that they were pretty much useless.

Today's versions are a thousand times better, and you can keep watch while your little one plays quietly without worrying that the silence means something bad.

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The Baby Shusher. I used to rock my baby and shush him until my throat got hoarse. He loved the shhhhhhh sound so much, and it was always my go to trick.

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Babysitting service sites. Back in the day, if you wanted to have a grown-up evening with your spouse, you had to know someone old enough to have a kid old enough to babysit for you. Tell me how many people you know with teenagers when you're giving birth to your first baby? Probably not many. With sites like Sittercity and around, finding a date-night sitter is so much easier!

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organic baby
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Organic everything. My son had the most sensitive skin, and I had to pay a ton of cash to get specialty items for him in the days when organic products were only for “rich” people and had to be ordered special.

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Amazon Prime. I have three words for you: Two. Day. Shipping.

Image via Amazon @ Amazon. I could've not taken him out at six-weeks-old in the snowstorm where I am pretty sure I sustained the back injury that still haunts me today.

big stroller
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Small, easy-to-use convertible strollers. My kid was born right around the time that the baby carrier/stroller craze really took off, but they were so big and cumbersome. We called ours the Cadillac because we only took it out for special occasions when we knew ample parking would be provided. And putting it down was a major chore. Push, pull, tug, slide. So many steps just to get the thing into the car!

Once or twice, I may have thrown it, fully open, into the back of my SUV, where it rolled around until I reached my next destination. Don't judge. Today's convertible strollers are so sleek and easy to manage.

Social media. I hear blogs were sort of around, but no one read them, and they certainly weren't the source of information and inspiration that they are today. Not to mention Pinterest and Instagram!

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Newborn Baby Products: 2000 vs 2017

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