Nerd Babies Unite! 25 Perfect Gifts for the Little Geek

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Images via respective owners, compiled by Sara McTigue

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There is nothing wrong with embracing your status as a nerd. I couldn't have said it any better than John Green: “Nerds are allowed to love stuff, like jump-up-and-down-in-the-chair-can't-control-yourself love it. […] When people call people nerds, mostly what they're saying is ‘you like stuff.' Which is just not a good insult at all. Like, ‘you are too enthusiastic about the miracle of human consciousness.' “

So, if you want to check out some stuff you might like — a lot — for you and your little one, then click through.

Image via Amazon

Feel like you're spending many sleepless nights lately? Maybe your little one is getting in practice for a stint in the Night's Watch?

Check out this Night's Watch onesie on Amazon.

game of thrones baby
Image via Redbubble

Or maybe you're ready to play a little Game of Toys? The stuffed family sigils and crayon throne couldn't be cuter!

Game of Toys shirt or onesie by victorsbeard, from $19.86, Redbubble

Image via Amazon

Is the Doctor in? Make trips to the pediatrician even cuter with this tribute to another Doctor.

Doctor Who Onesie on Amazon


Image via Etsy/ LittleIvieRose

Sometimes they grow so quickly you'll wish for a TARDIS to revisit adorable baby pants like these.

Doctor Who organic cotton knit leggings by LittleIvieRose, Etsy

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Star Wars baby
Images via Amazon

Work on learning the ABCs with some familiar friends. Violins have nothing on Vader, after all.

Star Wars V is for Vader onesie by MiniFine, Amazon

Star Wars ABC board book by Scholastic, Amazon

Image via Amazon

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away … Send your little one off to sweet dream adventures with these retro-styled sheets.

Star Wars sheet set from Amazon

Star Trek baby
Image via Amazon

Pureed peas and sweet potatoes might be more appealing when they arrive on the Enterprise.

Star Trek Enterprise light-up bib and spoon by Think Geek, Amazon

Star Trek baby
Image via Amazon

After lunch is over, you can embrace the honesty of the situation with this onesie.

I Just Boldly Went Star Trek onesie from Amazon


Minecraft baby
Image via Etsy/ FancyFlagsandBanners

Build a charming nursery block-by-block with a personalized banner with a Minecraft twist.

Personalized Minecraft banner by sparklepaperscissors on Etsy

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Minecraft creeper baby
Image via Etsy/ QuinnsQuilts

Even creepers seem cuddly when they're made of minky or soft cotton.

Minecraft Creeper Quilt by GardenDistrictQuilts on Etsy

gamer baby clothing
Image via Jinx

For the little one just starting out as a gamer.

Level 1 Human Baby onesie on Amazon.

Mario Bros. Nintendo baby
Image via Etsy/ joebot

The books and games of childhood past come together in this art print.

The Little Plumber Bros. by joebot on Etsy

Mario Bros Nintendo baby
Image via Etsy/ BCrocheterie

Does your little one eat everything within reach? Dress her up in this piranha plant hat as a friendly warning.

Piranha Plant Mario Bros. Beanie by BCrocheterie on Etsy


Harry Potter baby Hogwarts
Image via Etsy/ RaeGun

Hoping for an owl to arrive on her eleventh birthday? Prepare her now with this adorable Gryffindor uniform.

Hogwarts Gryffindor Swing Set — shirt and diaper cover by RaeGun on Etsy

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Harry Potter baby Dobby elf
Image via Etsy/ SunnyStitchBoutique

You couldn't ask for a more faithful companion than Dobby.

Handmade Dobby the House Elf amigurumi by SunnyStitchBoutique on Etsy

Apple Mac baby computer
Image via Etsy/ ModandMini

iPad, iMac, iPhone, iBaby … show off your new arrival in style.

Cmd V – Mac onesie on Amazon

computer baby nerd
Image via Amazon

Get a head start on coding with this bedtime reading.

HTML for Babies book on Amazon

Lord of the Rings teether baby
Image via Etsy/ TreehouseIllustrator

Your little one hardly needs a ring to establish his ability to rule them all, but this one is rather precious.

Lord of the Rings baby teether by TreehouseIllustrator on Etsy


Lord of the Rings hobbit baby art
Image via Etsy/ 716designs

Feel like all you do is feed your little hobbit? This is the print for you.

Lord of the Rings inspired Hobbit meals sign from Amazon

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Image via Amazon

A lullaby and blankie in one.

Soft Kitty blanket on Amazon

big bang theory baby blanket
Image via CafePress

Wonder what those tears are about? Maybe Sheldon knows?

Sheldon Cooper quote blanket, $21.50, CafePress

superhero baby art custom
Image via All Pop Art

Show off your superbaby in all his true glory.

Personalized Superhero print, from $110, AllPopArt

superhero baby carrier comic
Image via Etsy/ SnuggyBaby

She might not be able to walk yet, but that doesn't mean she can't travel in style.

POW! Baby carrier by SnuggyBaby, $59, Etsy


Image via Amazon

Because despite the fact it's sometimes exhausting, you hope the nerdy never ends.

Future Scientist onesie from Amazon

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What's your favorite nerd obsession? Do you plan to pass it on to your little ones?

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Nerd Babies Unite! 25 Perfect Gifts for the Little Geek

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