Natural, Organic, and Chemical-Free Products for Baby, Toddler, and More

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Looking for baby products that have all the function and fun but none of the chemicals? Check out these natural, organic, and chemical-free options for your little one.

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Sandwich Bags – My older kids get a packed lunch every day and I wanted to avoid packing them in plastic containers because of concerns about the safety of chemicals that may leak into food. Spbang bags are a good alternative – they are big enough for the full sandwich my growing boy likes for lunch every day and as a bonus I can write erasable notes to him on the bag.

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Laundry Detergent – With a new baby with sensitive skin it was time to revisit our choice of laundry detergent. I like that Rockin' Green contains no parabens or phosphates – and it works to get out lots of baby gunk without being irritating. As a bonus, it's completely biodegradable and in a fully recyclable package.

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Cups – I'm slowly trying to rid my home of plastics that may leach into my family's food but don't want to be foolish about giving my kids items that are likely to break easily in little, clumsy hands. I have been very happy with ecococoon's retro-inspired stainless steel cups in smaller kid-friendly sizes and a larger size for thirsty grown-ups. I also like ecococcon's leak-proof, non-coated, stainless steel water bottles for kids.

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Toys – I like to find items for my kids that are not just good for them but good for the environment as well. Green Toys are made out of recycled materials and are safe for my kids to put in their mouths as well – a Green Toys rattle is my baby's favorite teether and we have a small truck collection waiting for him in a few months.

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Clothes – I'm especially concerned with what goes on my kids bodies from lotions to clothes. Cutie Bees makes adorable clothes from organic cotton and natural dyes that I know won't bother his new-baby skin.

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Nail Polish – If your daughter is like mine she loves nail polish — but you don't love the strong fumes and potentially harmful chemicals in most nail polishes. Piggy Paint Nail Polish to the rescue! It's free of DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde but stays on just as well as regular polish and comes in a ton of colors.

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Lunch Bags: At the beginning of the school year my kids had lunchboxes filled with several plastic bags. In an effort to move away from plastics we started using PlanetBox's Rover made out of stainless steel. I like that we have cut down on our use of plastics both from an environmental and health standpoint.

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Snack Containers: I never leave the house without snacks for my little ones – a grumbling tummy is one surefire way to ruin any outing. So, I was happy to find ECOlunchbox's SplashBox which is the perfect size for packing snacks on the go in a safe, stainless box – and the leakproof lid means the inside of my bag stays clean.

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Ointments: With a baby, I use two kids of ointments frequently – nipple ointment and diaper ointment. Since my baby comes into direct contact with both several times a week it's very important to me that the ointments I use are as natural as possible. I like Earth Mama Angel Baby's ointments because they are “zero toxin.”

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Body and Hair Wash: Babies literally have thin skin and a lot of young children have sensitive skin as well. For this reason, I seek out body and hair wash for my kids that is as natural as possible. Sophie La Girafe (yes, the same company that makes the iconic toy) makes almost completely natural body and hair wash – and it's tear free.


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Lotion: I have two winter babies and started using lotion on them when they were brand new. Like other personal care products, wee ones absorb a lot of what comes into contact with their skin. For this reason, I sought out lotion that contains mostly natural ingredients. I like aden + anais ultra gentle lotion because it's free of harmful chemicals found in a lot of lotions, was formulated with a dermatologist for little ones' skin, and it isn't greasy.

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Pacifier: A lot of babies, including mine, spend a lot of time with a pacifier in their mouths. Because babies spend so much time with their binkies I think it's important that they are as natural as possible. My baby has been using Hevea pacifiers because they are made from natural rubber. Hevea also makes natural rubber teethers that are toxin-free.

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Natural, Organic, and Chemical-Free Products for Baby, Toddler, and More

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