50 of the Fastest Rising Baby Names

50 fastest rising baby names

It's hard to know for sure which names are going to be the next big thing, but these 50 names increased the most in popularity from 2012 to 2013.

For fun, I've offered my opinion on each. Are any of your name picks one of these increasingly popular options? Which names do you think will make next year's list?

Crying Newborn Infant
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Boy: Jayceon Rank in 2013: 206, Rank in 2012: 1051 = an increase of 845

I believe this is just a strange spelling of Jason? Sorry, I'm not at all for it. These kids will forever be spelling their names for people or will just have to deal with it being consistently misspelled.

Girl: Daleyza Rank in 2013: 585, Rank in 2012: 3715 = an increase of 3130

This one is pretty adorable. Would you use ‘Dal' as a nickname?

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Image via natalie-dormer.org

Boy: Milan Rank in 2013: 542, Rank in 2012: 1192 = an increase of 650

I think some names after places are cute, but I would never name my child after a place I haven't been before. Not to say all of these parents haven't been to Milan, Italy, I suppose!

Girl: Marjorie Rank in 2013: 910, Rank in 2012: 1645 = an increase of 735

A nod to The Game of Thrones? She's a great character; and the name is adorable when younger, strong and lovely when the wearer is older.

Image via Flickr/gfpeck

Boy: Atlas Rank in 2013: 789, Rank in 2012: 1403 = an increase of 614

Setting your child up to forever be the navigator … He better be darn good at geography!

Girl: Lennon Rank in 2013: 923, Rank in 2012: 1623 = an increase of 700

Interesting. I like The Beatles well enough, but not so much to use one as the namesake for my daughter.

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Boy: Jayse Rank in 2013: 974, Rank in 2012: 1469 = an increase of 495


I suppose this one sounds alright, but it seems like odd spelling to me – see #1 Jayceon.

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Girl: Jurnee Rank in 2013: 896, Rank in 2012: 1467 = an increase of 571

More misspelling. It's a pretty word when read aloud, and makes for a very unique name, which I'm a fan of, but the spelling would drive me batty. I also feel like you'd have to be okay with parenting a free spirit because that seems to be where a girl with this name is headed.

duke boston terrier
Image via Megan Klay

Boy: Duke Rank in 2013: 718, Rank in 2012: 1147 = an increase of 429

How regal! I could never do this one, it's my mom's Boston Terrier's name. Her other dog's name is Dutchess, fitting.

Girl: Everleigh Rank in 2013: 865, Rank in 2012: 1403 = an increase of 538

A spelling twist on the popular, ‘Everly'. This name was on my girl name list until it received a boost in popularity after Channing and Jenna Tatum gave it to their daughter.

channing tatum jenna dewan
Image via PRPhotos/Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum

Boy: Castiel Rank in 2013: 956, Rank in 2012: 1374 = an increase of 418

I actually really like this one, although I feel like it's fairly feminine.

Girl: Everly Rank in 2013: 383, Rank in 2012: 907 = an increase of 524

See previous page. I enjoy this spelling more.

Image via Flickr/surlygirl

Boy: Zayn Rank in 2013: 900, Rank in 2012: 1310 = an increase of 410

I'm seeing a trend here … I always thought this was spelled Z-a-n-e?

Girl: Henley Rank in 2013: 831, Rank in 2012: 1309 = an increase of 478

Very sweet name. I'm not sure how I feel about the nickname ‘Hen', it's either adorable or awful.

baby smiles
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Boy: Thiago Rank in 2013: 485, Rank in 2012: 859 = an increase of 374


I considered this one, actually. My husband and I made a friend in Europe named Thiago and it was the first time I'd heard that name. I think it's unique and strong!

Girl: Freya Rank in 2013: 908, Rank in 2012: 1303 = an increase of 395

This is beautiful in my book.

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Image via Flickr/Nikola Ostrun

Boy: Forrest Rank in 2013: 841, Rank in 2012: 1181 = an increase of 340

I love this one. I'm a big fan of nature names. I guess the extra ‘r' makes it more of a name?

Girl: Neriah Rank in 2013: 954, Rank in 2012: 1346 = an increase of 392

It's pretty, but makes me think of ‘Nevaeh', the ever popular Heaven spelled backwards.

Image via iStock

Boy: Kyrie Rank in 2013: 590, Rank in 2012: 868 = an increase of 278

I like ‘Kylie' for a girl, but I'm not sure I how to feel about this one.

Girl: Oakley Rank in 2013: 928, Rank in 2012 1268 = an increase of 340

It's cute, but it's a popular name brand so I don't think I could do it.

Image via Megan Klay/Lake Molas, Colorado

Boy: Lochlan Rank in 2013: 938, Rank in 2012: 1201 = an increase of 263

Loch is Scottish for ‘lake', so it fits in with my love for nature-themed names.

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Girl: Mabel Rank in 2013: 707, Rank in 2012: 1045 = an increase of 338

Very sweet throwback name! Would you ever use the nickname, ‘Maybe'?

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Boy: Azariah Rank in 2013: 834, Rank 2012: 1081 = an increase of 247

A biblical name I hadn't heard of until now. Seems nice, but might have to grow on me.

Girl: Hadlee Rank in 2013: 889, Rank in 2012: 1215 = an increase of 326

I like this fairly well, although I feel like it should end in a ‘y' rather than an ‘e'.


Image via iStock

Boy: Deacon Rank in 2013: 441, Rank in 2012: 673 = an increase of 232

I think this one is pretty darn cute.

Girl: Gwyneth Rank in 2013: 886, Rank in 2012 1183

This is a pretty name, and I really like the nickname ‘Gwen'.

Sleeping baby yawning
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Boy: Gannon Rank in 2013: 843, Rank in 2012: 1074 = an increase of 231

I'm not a big fan. I think ‘cannon' when I read it.

Girl: Emerie Rank in 2013 940, Rank in 2012: 1234 = an increase of 294

Interesting spelling. I have the name ‘Emory' on my list, which is Latin for loving.

Image via Flickr/Bobbi Bowers

Boy: Kalel Rank in 2013: 965, Rank in 2012: 1197 = an increase of 222

Not huge on this one either. Makes me think of kale, which I think is delicious, but not a name for a person in my book.

Girl: Dallas Rank in 2013: 610, Rank in 2012: 902 = an increase of 292

My friend's brother is named Dallas. I like the name, but I don't like the city enough to name my child after it.

Image via Flickr/Alan Levine

Boy: Jase Rank in 2013: 89, Rank in 2012: 304 = an increase of 215

This one is a repeat, but with different spelling. How confusing!

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Girl: Saige Rank in 2013: 649, Rank in 2012 931 = an increase of 282

Lovely name, but why add the extra letter? Makes me think of ‘Meagan' and ‘Meghan', which I still don't understand.

Image via Flickr/aussiegall

Boy: Harlan Rank in 2013: 856, Rank in 2012: 1067 = an increase of 211

I guess this one is okay. Not really sure where it came from, but there's a street near our neighborhood in Denver with the name. Also makes me think of ‘Harlem' in New York.


Girl: Azalea Rank in 2013: 631, Rank in 2012: 900 = an increase of 269

Very pretty flowers! Not sure about it as a name though.

7-month old baby holding milk bottle
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Boy: Jair Rank in 2013: 820, Rank in 2012: 1019 = an increase of 199

I do not like this one, not even a little.

Girl: Hunter Rank in 2013: 930, Rank in 2012: 1196 = an increase of 266

Very cute, but not sure I love it for a girl. Also, are you setting your child up for blood lust?

hanson brothers
Image via Wikipedia/Hanson (band)

Boy: Anson Rank in 2013: 968, Rank in 2012 1158 = an increase of 190

Reminds me of the boy band, Hanson. That's them now, not in the good ‘ol “MMMBop” days I remember.

Girl: Kaidence Rank in 2013: 979, Rank in 2012: 1245 = an increase of 266

Another one with an odd spelling that gets to me. Why not just ‘Cadence' if that's what you're going for? It's pretty!

Image via iStock

Boy: Magnus Rank in 2013: 958, Rank in 2012: 1137 = an increase of 179

I think this one is adorable, although the nickname ‘Mag' isn't great for a boy.

Girl: India Rank in 2013: 972, Rank in 2012: 1212 = an increase of 240

I've never been to India and wouldn't name my child after a place I've never been. I'd need to have gone and fallen in love with it!

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monster costume
Image via Flickr/Janine

Boy: Enoch Rank in 2013: 1014, Rank in 2012: 836 = an increase of 178

Another biblical name, but it sounds like the name of some sort of creature.

Girl: Rosie Rank in 2013: 883, Rank in 2012: 1118 = an increase of 235

Cute, but fairly young sounding. I don't feel like this name would age well into womanhood.


biker baby
Image via Flickr/Greta Ceresini

Boy: Harvey Rank in 2013: 616, Rank in 2012: 792 = an increase of 176

Cute, but I think of Harley Davidson.

Girl: Juniper Rank in 2013: 648, Rank in 2012: 875 = an increase of 227

I love this one, and ‘June' is a sweet nickname.

Baby boy
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Boy: Cassius Rank in 2013: 760, Rank in 2012: 932 = an increase of 172

I like this one! And I actually like the nickname ‘Cass' for a boy.

Girl: Jaylah Rank in 2013: 234, Rank in 2012: 460 = an increase of 226

Not a fan. I don't like the spelling either.

cowboy baby
Image via Flickr/Lisa

Boy: Stetson Rank in 2013: 950, Rank in 2012: 1119 = an increase of 169

As in the Western wear? I like the name well enough I suppose, but it seems like you're kind of forcing your kid, at least as a baby, to wear cowboy gear because people will definitely buy it for them.

Girl: Saylor Rank in 2013: 906, Rank in 2012: 1123 = an increase of 217

Like Sailor Moon? I guess if you absolutely love the ocean and sailing I could maybe see it? And again, why the ‘y'?

pirate baby
Image via Flickr/devinf

Boy: Yair Rank in 2013: 963, Rank in 2012: 1125 = an increase of 162

I like this one about as much as ‘Jair'. Also, it sounds like something a pirate would say.

Girl: Kora Rank in 2013: 758, Rank in 2012: 974 = an increase of 216

I think this is a very sweet name. It could also be spelled with a ‘C'.

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Are any of these names on your list? Which are your favorites? Share in the comments!

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50 of the Fastest Rising Baby Names

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  1. Barbara says:

    After reading all your comments about these name I find myself both agreeing and disagreeing with you. I agree that sometimes parents need to think about the spelling of a name. After all, it can be truly aggravating to a child if they are constantly having to correct the spelling of their name. Take my older sister, her name is Delbra. Notice that is NOT DEBRA. It does have an L in it after the e. It is pronounced exactly the way it is spelled and yet so many people would assume that the name was misspelled and call her Debra. On a grandmother’s charm bracelet that my mother had made for my grandmother she had to send the charm with my sister’s name back three times before they got it right. Then there is my granddaughter, Aaliyah. Although I love her name so many people misspell it. I saw just how frustrating that can be when I went to a Brain Bowl competition she had this past year. She had to spell her name several times for every judge in order for them to get it right. On the other hand I disagree that names that are different are bad. Although I choice many traditional names for my sons, i.e. Stephen Terrance, David Anthony, Christoper Lee. My children and their wives have tended to choose more non-traditional names. I have a granddaughter with the name Isabelle which I know you might not understand the extra letters but it is beautiful and her nickname of belle is just as pretty. I also have a granddaughter named Skylar whom is also called Sky a lot. Both are very pretty names and fit her to a tee. Her middle name is unusual also as it is a combination of two names. It is Sereba. I also have a grandson named Loki who, just as his name implies is very much a prankster and keeps us all in laughter even though he is totally deaf. So I don’t think that names that are different are bad, I also thank that the spelling of name can be bad or good depending just how off that spelling is to the pronunciation. Just something to think about.

  2. Deb says:

    Are you serious? Harvey makes you think of Harley Davidson? What, because both have a long a sound? Jayce, Jace, Jase? All the same name. Three separate entries. Ten minutes of my life Ican’t have back.

  3. Just pointing out the author spelled ‘Neveah’ wrong when she said it’s Heaven spelled backwards.

  4. Brittany says:

    If spelling is such an issue she definitely would question the way I’ve spelled my oldest child’s first name, my 2nd child’s middle name, and the way I will be spelling my unborn if it’s a girl. And if it’s a boy I’m sure there would be an opinion on it. Dalylah is my oldest, Kae is how I spelled my 2nd child’s middle name, Alahna is how I intend to spell this one’s if it’s a girl and if it’s a boy his name will be Anakin, yes like Anakin Skywalker from star wars because it’s different not because I expect to think he will be a jedi. Everyone has their own personal ways on doing things and how they spell names, I purposefully spelled these names differently so they would be unique. That doesn’t mean it’s wrong because that’s not how you would do it.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Wow! I definitely could have done without the author’s comments. Let’s just bash how other people spell their kids’ names. There are a couple I didn’t like on the list. I also find it interesting that she bashes Kyrie because it’s similar to Kylie when I would have pronounced it Kee-ree-eh because of the Christian connection. Kyrie eleison, Christe eleison, Kyrie eleison. Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy.

    I graduated with multiple Jennifers and I actually wouldn’t respond to Jennifer in the hallways in high school because there was probably close to a 90% chance that the person wasn’t wanting to get MY attention. There was at least 4 Jennifers per grade in my high school when I was there. Therefore, I like when people have more uncommon name. I named my daughter Theresa Isabelle (but according to this author, it should have been Teresa Isabel to get rid of those extra letters).

    And what was with her fixation on nicknames? Not every name has to be abbreviated. Henley does not have to automatically become Hen.

    • Megan Klay says:

      Hi Jennifer – Thanks for your comments! On the nicknames – my husband is a big nickname person, he likes to shorten whatever name he can, so it’s something that I think about when considering baby names.

  6. Brittany says:

    Wow! Quite judge mental are we? I understand everyone is entitled to their opinion but in this situation, I think it is rather rude! My son’s name is Jaylen, guess I should have spelled it Jalen without the ‘y’ huh?!? None of these names are off the wall smh

  7. TIFFANY says:

    Not that I care about your opinion, but my son’s name is Cael…pronounced just like the vegetable kale. Just because something reminds you of something else, does not make it a bad name. I chose Cael because of its Irish origin and simplicity: 1 syllable, 4 letters. It is an uncommon name without it being totally out there. We have met other Cael’s. Maybe in your mind cael is not a suitable name, but many people use it.

  8. Jennifer says:

    Our Magnus is almost 18 months old now and I LOVE telling people his name and watching their reactions. We were nervous at first that our families would give us a hard time about picking a name that isn’t traditional but, it fits his personality so perfectly that I cannot imagine him with any other name. Thanks for including it on here! It was cool to see how it has changed in popularity. 🙂

  9. Jennifer says:

    I agree with the previous comment, that this article would be much better without your opinions on what someone else names their child. Especially if you’re going to say something sounds too masculine or feminine. Why can’t we have gender neutral names? Because people like you would smirk about it? A name is something very dear to a parent, something a that they typically have a genuine affection for and have put alot of thought into. I don’t see the need for the negative comments. My don’t have unique names, but we will never find them on a pen or a license plate. So what, there are plenty of customized what to get them now, so let’s be unique, different, and diverse!

  10. Member says:

    Your opinions are fun for who, you? I didn’t see very many on your list that you were actually a fan of! I didn’t name either of my girls any of these names but if I had I would feel very offended right about now. I’m also not a fan of how you continuously harped on the fact the you don’t like non-traditional spellings. I named my first daughter -GASP- Kaelyn. I’m very sorry if this spelling causes you to miss out on some sleep tonight! But wait, if that doesn’t do it for you then just think of my second daughter’s name, Karley. I went with a “K” because of her big sister. I added the “E” because I like it. I wanted to use names that were not common but not crazy. Names change and grow with the times. Your name, for example, was very popular in the 80’s. No matter how you spell it. My name is as well. I, for one, hated the fact that 20 other girls in my school shared the same name. It was annoying to me to hear someone calling out “Sarah” – half of us didn’t even turn around when we heard it because they were usually calling someone else. I appreciate different names, variety is fun!

  11. Ashley says:

    My best friend named her daughter Hadley, I like the spelling they went with much better.

  12. Stephanie says:

    Castiel, listed here as an effeminate boys name, has gained popularity over the past few years because of the television show supernatural, he plays the angel who becomes a god (briefly) and protects the human race from destruction by other angels (and demons) Anyway, if I were the type of person who named my kids after tv charactrs, I would totally do Cas.

    • Megan Klay says:

      Hi Stephanie – I did know it was from a TV show, but only after I’d looked it up. I chose not to mention that since I’ve never seen the show and don’t know anything about it. 🙂 I’ve had a couple of friends named Cassandra so the nickname ‘Cas’ has a feminine association for me. I’m sure it’s not the same for everyone though!

  13. Lindsay says:

    Kalel was on our list (Superman’s name) and we were going to call him Kal. But everyone in the family nay-sayed it, with one comment of ‘He’d have a lot to live up to with that name’. So we decided on a more traditional name and didn’t tell anyone until he was born. Now the joke it his name would have been Kalel Jerel (for both Superman and his father). And guess what he was for Halloween?

    • Nikki says:

      Thanks for pointing out that Kalel is Superman’s name. It totally bugged me she didn’t put that as a comment, though based on some of her commentary I think the author isn’t entirely aware of the significance of all the names on this list. More input about other places these names are used (like Atlas is a god’s name, not just a book) and other such history would be way better than her own personal opinions.


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