Moms’ Top 10 Guilty Pleasures

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After a revealing conversation with a group of moms who all admitted to doing things that they were ashamed of, I was intrigued and also happy to know I wasn't the only one. After a little digging, I got some pretty funny admissions of “guilt” that I would like to call “Moms' Top Ten Guilty Pleasures!” Names have been changed to protect the guilty! 😉

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1. Picking their noses

Yup, you got it. They've probably told their kids not to do it, but as moms Monica and Chelsea admitted to me, sometimes, you just can't blow it! Monica said, “There's nothing more satisfying than digging out that bugger booger that's been buggin' you! I know I tell my kids not to do it, and in public they probably shouldn't, but get that sucker out—and then wash your hands!”

Wow. Awesome! Booger free = happiness. 

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2. Eating their kids' cereal

Cap'n Crunch, Tony the Tiger, and Toucan Sam are there for the kiddos who can't put up with our healthy breakfast options of Grape-Nuts and steel-cut oats, right? Nope. Not to Janelle, who admits to sneaking her kids' sugary breakfast cereals for herself for any meal. 

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3. Parking-lot makeovers

No one is busier than a mom who is chauffeuring kids around from here to there. Sometimes, between the gym, soccer practice, piano lessons, and tonight's dinner with your husbands' boss, there's no time to gussy up. Amanda admits that sometimes she even goes as far as to bring a power adapter into her car to curl her hair in a parking lot while waiting to pick up her kids. She even has a makeup bag she keeps in her glove box. She says, “Hey, I spend so much time in the car waiting for my kids. Some people read. I apply eyeliner and curl my hair!”

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4. Watching TV shows she'd never admit to

Whether it's a conversation around the water cooler about Juan Pablo or the Real Housewives of Sheboygan, I am always surprised at who comes out of the woodwork, admitting they've secretly been watching these shows, and they're always a little reluctant to admit it! Melissa says, “It's to the point where if my husband walks in the room, I change the channel, just so I don't have to hear him give me the business about watching it! But I can't help it! It's like a bad car accident: it's awful, but you have to look!”

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5. Sampling some eye-candy

Andrea says, “My next-door neighbor is a single guy in his mid-twenties. He likes to mow the lawn without his shirt on, and you'll never hear me complain. I may or may not take the kids outside to play while he mows the lawn … on purpose.” OK, then. 

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6. Eating chocolate in a bathroom or closet so they don't have to share

We all know what happens when kids hear the sound of a foil wrapper. They all come running! So who hasn't snuck into a closet or a bathroom, just to enjoy a little chocolate cheat in peace? No? Just me? Oh. OK, then … Y'all are missing out!

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7. Passing off take-out as homemade

Whether it's baking for the PTA bake sale, cooking a meal for  a friend who just had a baby, or simply trying to seem like more of a domestic diva, Julie admits that sometimes time just is not on her side. “I'm a busy mom, and it's not that I don't want to do it myself, I just run out of time. I don't think Wegman's will mind if I take credit for their prepared foods every now and then!”

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8. Stretching a diaper a little too far

We've all been there. The diapers are sagging, but we're still 15 minutes from home. Anna admits to stretching Huggies to the limit. “If I know she's peed, but the diaper is only 10-minutes old, it's staying on. Unless its falling off of her, it can wait until we get home.”

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9. Wearing control-top pantyhose

No explanation needed here. The things are magical! 

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10. Listening to their kids' music in the car alone

Lola said, “I tell everyone that the Justin Bieber CD in my car is because my 12-year-old loves him. Well, secretly, I do, too. I even keep the CD in after I drop her off. I've often caught myself singing along at a red light until another car pulls up beside me.”

What is your guilty pleasure? Tell us in the comments!

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Moms’ Top 10 Guilty Pleasures

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  1. Profile photo of mommy nhoj mommy nhoj says:

    I am guilty of 3 things in the list: eating my baby’s cereal (or cookie recently), eating the chocolate in the kitchen facing the wall so she won’t notice I am munching and lastly, stretching the diaper a bit especially when we’re almost near home or almost done with grocery and about to go home 🙂


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