Moments that Make Any New Parent Feel Like a Superhero

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The first few weeks (okay, months) with a new baby can be grueling for first time parents. No matter how many books you read, documentaries you watch or classes you take, actually having the baby in your arms can come with some pretty massive shockers (this is what nursing is SUPPOSED to feel like?!). I spent the first few weeks of my son's life wearing maternity sweatpants and an unclipped nursing bra and trying, desperately, to get him to complete the most basic tasks of life — eating and sleeping. Most of the time in those early days I felt both physically and emotionally drained but, along the way, even in those first few weeks there were moments that made my heart and confidence soar. These twenty-six milestones and moments from the first few months are guaranteed to make any new parent feel like a true superhero!

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Slipping your baby into their carrier and taking that first long walk around the neighborhood.

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Rattling off your baby's newborn stats like a boss- “21 1/2 inches, 9lbs 9 oz's, yeah I did it vaginally – so what?”

diaper change
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The day you no longer need the poop-log to make reassure you that they're doing okay.

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The first time you leave the house with baby in a real outfit instead of just a footed sleeper.

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Seeing your baby's weight begin to shoot up at their weekly appointments and realizing that they're already growing up.

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The first time your baby cries in someone else's arms and is comforted immediately just by being put back in yours.

swaddled baby
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Realizing that you now have the ability to swaddle your babe with your eyes half-closed.

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The first time you nurse the baby in public without any major nip-slip.

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Anytime you received a compliment on your baby's name (don't lie, everyone wants other people to think their baby's name is cool).

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Becoming an expert at the car-seat to bassinet transfer.

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Seeing the first smile flicker across your baby's lips and knowing that it's there because of something you did.

baby eye rub
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The first time you recognize your baby's different cries and know right away what they need.

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Following (okay, even close to following) your old beauty routine for the first time since the baby was born.

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When you manage to remember to write anything at all in that “dear baby” journal you got at your baby shower.

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The first time your baby rolls over and you realize that tummy time (despite the cries) is really paying off.

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The first time you put on pants WITH A ZIPPER.

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Anytime your baby meets a milestone even a day earlier that the book says he will.

Laundry dryer
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When you manage to fold laundry and do dishes in the same day (!!!)

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Getting into a groove with your partner around who does what baby chores.

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When a nosey relative finally admits that maybe baby care advice has changed in the past 25 years.

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Successfully clipping your sleeping baby's fingernails for the first time.

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Seeing a parent with a baby newer than yours and finally being the one who gets to give advice.

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Cooking a meal, any meal, with more than four ingredients.

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When, just as you think you can't take any more sleepless nights, you start to notice a definite pattern of longer stretches between wake-ups.

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Realizing that this parenting thing, no matter how hard it is, is the best thing that's ever happened to you.

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Good luck out there new parents!

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Moments that Make Any New Parent Feel Like a Superhero

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