Mom Memories: What I Love About Nursing

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Happy Worldwide Breastfeeding Week! As a mom of three, I have had my ups and downs with breastfeeding. Through severe engorgement, plugged ducts, and mastitis, I continued to push through and make it work.

My youngest child, now 27 months old, continues to happily nurse at bedtime, naps, and when he needs comfort. I love how he feels snuggled in my lap, happily nourishing his little body. Nursing wipes away his tears, soothes him to sleep, and makes him happy.

In honor of Worldwide Breastfeeding Week, we are celebrating these moms' favorite aspects of nursing their babies and toddlers.

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“My favorite part about nursing is that it provides my daughter with comfort and nutrition — anywhere, anytime.” — Gwynne Buttrill

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“I breastfeed because it's cheap! And after six months of struggle, it's finally gotten easy! [My daughter] and I had a really rough go of it at the beginning, but I so look forward to nursing her to sleep every evening. It's such a special time that I'll only get to savor for a short piece of her life.” — Micah D.R. Bower

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“My favorite part about breastfeeding would be the smiles and the content look my son has when he eats.” — Kimmy Childers

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“My favorite part is the snuggling and the bonding I get to experience with my little — the sense of her needing me more.” — Stephanie Midgett

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“Breastfeeding has been an amazing part of my journey into motherhood. It has taught me so much about my son, myself, and how naturally strong we are. I have found strength in it even at the toughest times.

“It has taught my husband about the rights and advocacy needed for women, bringing my family even closer together! [I am] currently breastfeeding my 17-month-old and am 16 weeks pregnant with a little girl. I hope to tandem for a while and enjoy a new experience with her.” — Caroline Guthrie

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“My favorite part about nursing is that it fixes everything! Teething, boo-boos, sleepiness, or just needing some cuddle time. And you never have to fiddle with fixing bottles — it's straight on tap!” — Emily Franklin

Image via Chelsea Montague

“Best part of pumping? Husband bringing me a glass of water in my favorite cup because pumping is thirsty work.” — Chelsea Montague

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“I was lucky enough to breastfeed Ainsley for six months, but it wasn't easy when I went back to work at six weeks. I supplemented and eventually threw in the towel.

“I dealt with some late-blooming PPD when I stopped because I'd wanted to make it longer. It was a stressful time in my life. That's when I discovered babywearing, and that connection with Ainsley during our daily walks helped pull me back to earth. So being able to combine the two this time around isn't just convenient — it's kind of awesome.” — Jennah Watters

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“I'm proud to normalize breastfeeding for my children. My 5-year-old says, ‘My wife will breastfeed, too.' He's going to be a great supportive husband and daddy some day!!!

“He's watched me nurse his brother till he was 16 months and is now watching me nurse his 2-month-old sister. He thinks I'm the ‘coolest' mom for donating milk to help other babies!” — Megin Dunn

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What is your favorite part about nursing your little one?

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Mom Memories: What I Love About Nursing

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