Mom Confessions: Mealtime at My House

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Dinner time at my house can be either one way or another–smooth sailing or an absolute disaster. With a 5-, 3-, and 1-year-old to wrangle, there is typically at least one kid who refuses to eat–it's normally the 3-year-old these days. The act of sitting down at the table to eat together is actually the easy part. The most chaotic part of dinner time happens from the time I pick up the boys from daycare until the time I put the food in front of them. The dreaded witching hour is more like three hours at my house. Three hungry boys and a tired mommy make for a long evening. Yet night after night, we all manage to make it through, fed and mostly happy. I'll call that a win!

When I am struggling with a certain aspect of parenting, I often wonder if other families are going through a similar situation. It turns out dinner time looks very different among families. 

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Here are the answers when I asked 6 moms, “What is mealtime really like at your house?” 


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“Easy peasy for the most part. The kids eat whatever we give them. How much they eat and how much ends up on the floor varies. Usually, there is too much talking, not enough eating. My husband loves to cook, and we clean up together, so that helps make dinner so much more pleasant for me.”

— Kiara Buechler, The Buechler Heartbeat

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“Making of the meal can be a nightmare, but movie time while I cook helps. Eating of the meals is typically fast and easy. I mostly struggle with cooking, cleaning, and prep work. Noah, my youngest, tends to be picky, too, so that can be a challenge. I refuse to make many separate meals. It's too much work for a family of five.”

— Kim Marion, mom of three 

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“My child is the slowest eater!! He will usually eat what we make for the most part, but he plays and talks the whole time, so it takes FOREVER some nights!”

Stephanie Clark, mom of one and expecting a new bundle of joy within the next few weeks

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“Mealtimes are pretty easy in our house. My kids are generally good eaters. It goes better when my husband gets home from work in time for us all to eat together. Otherwise, I sometimes end up cooking twice.”

— Amber HoStiles, mom of two girls 

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“Mealtimes are easy; the hard part for me is cooking. First, I struggle with figuring out what to cook that's healthy and easy to make, then the fact that I always am cooking at everyone's neediest time of day.”

Rachel Borman, mom of three

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“Mealtime is pretty easy! Kiddos have to try at least one bite of everything before they're excused [from the table]. My youngest child sometimes refuses to come to the table, but he's usually sad he's not with us. He typically joins in by the time we say prayers. Sometimes, daddy has to do some airplane or train tricks to get him to eat more, but it's all in fun. I find the less we stress about what and how much they eat, the better!”

— Kristin Kudarauskas, The Incredible K, mom of two

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What's mealtime like at your house?

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Mom Confessions: Mealtime at My House

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