But Mom! 5 Funny Excuses Toddlers Have Made to Get Out of Going to Bed

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I am a night owl, never going to bed before the night turns to day, and I think I have always been this way. I can remember as young as 5 years old wondering why I had to go to bed so early–sometimes when it was still light outside–and telling myself it would be so different when I was older.

Now that I have my own kids, I can totally see why my parents put me to bed “early.” It was not what I would consider early enough now that my kids have run me out of energy before 9 p.m., but since they were toddlers, I have always tried to be consistent with their bed times because they need their sleep, and Mommy needs a break!

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Toddlers are a funny age group because they seem to understand that talking about what they want can sometimes change the outcome. They're amazing at coming up with excuses for why they need something or why they shouldn't have to do what they've been asked. When it comes to bedtime, their excuses are often really funny for us adults, even when they're being totally serious.

I asked around to other parents about the creative excuses their toddlers gave while trying to convince them it wasn't quite time for them to sleep, and these 5 are the best ones I've heard.

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“My Tail is Froze!”

“We put our toddler daughter, Alana, in her room for bed, and she proceeded to go through her routine to prolong bedtime. But this night was different. After many excuses, she added, ‘I'm tired,' ( which caught our attention), ‘I'm hungry,' and as we turned to go in our bedroom, she added … ‘And my tail is froze!' That's when we realized she was reciting word for word the lines from her favorite movie, 101 Dalmatians! I guess it worked for Lucky, so she thought she would give it a try!” — D. A. Batrowny, SmartTart

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“I Need Sunscreen!”

“Our 2-1/2-year-old granddaughter is the master of excuses for not staying in bed after being tucked in at night. She is inquisitive and does not want to miss a thing. Our favorite all-time excuse was a night she was especially creative after the usual ‘I want a drink,' ‘I have to go potty,' and ‘I'm not tired.' She came out of her room and said, ‘I need sunscreen.' We still laugh about that every time we tuck her in.” – Judy, Manistee, MI

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“I Wanna Eat Tacos!”

“Just last night, my 2-year-old daughter made a funny excuse at bedtime. At dinner, we had eaten tacos. She was given the opportunity to finish her taco in order to get a slice of pie for dessert. Instead, she threw what was left of her taco on the floor. She was sent to time out, but otherwise didn't make a fuss about not getting the pie.

“Later, just after my husband had closed her door for bedtime, we heard little footsteps approaching the interior side of her bedroom door. She leaned down under the door crack and called out, ‘I wanna eat tacos. I wanna eat tacos!' We didn't respond, and after a minute or so, she returned to her bed and went to sleep until morning. Knowing her personality, this was a last-minute plea to return to eating tacos so she could get her pie and also not go to bed.” – Arlissa, Special Event Painter

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“I Need to Check My Email!”

“This past July, my 2-1/2-year-old began stalling at bedtime. ‘I need another stuffed animal!' or ‘I need a drink of water!' were heard nightly. Then, one night, my husband came out of the room, doubled over in laughter. The plea from the crib? ‘I need to check my email!' ” – Kathleen Olowin, Charlottesville, VA

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“The Dog is Scared!”

“My 3-year-old, Trevor, has the craziest excuses! His bedtime is at 9 p.m., and he'll go to bed when he's told–he just won't stay there. My husband and I will usually find him sneaking down the stairs around 9:30, sometimes 10 p.m., when we're trying to relax with a movie. I've heard everything from ‘I have to pee pee' to ‘I can't find my pillow.' But the funniest ones are always with some imaginative scenario.

” ‘Coco (our Pomeranian) is scared,' he says. ‘Why do you think so?' I say. ‘I can't find him!' he says. ‘Look, he's under the couch. He's not scared.' I say. ‘He's scared!' he says. ‘No. Why would you think he's scared?' I say. And he turns and says, ‘When I'm scared, I hide from you, too!'” — Amy, PR for Forensis Group

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What is the funniest excuse your toddler has used to get out of going to bed? Share in the comments!

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But Mom! 5 Funny Excuses Toddlers Have Made to Get Out of Going to Bed

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