If You Like Emily but Don’t Like its Popularity, Try These 5 Baby Names Instead

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There are some names that never seem to go out of style. Classic names like that are great, but over time you'll notice that you know at least two people with that name and it can be frustrating for children going through public school. Your child will grow up being known always with their last name initial tagged onto their first name.

Emily is one of the most popular girl names out there and it's held on to this spot for a good long while. For some people, name popularity doesn't sway your decision. For those of you who love the name but don't care for the popularity, you can often find a name that sounds similar but is different enough to not be a part of that popular crowd.

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If you like the name Emily, but don't like the commonality of it, here are five names that are just as great while being different enough.

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It totally still has that same vibe to it and you can hear the name Emily within it, but it's just different enough to give it that little bit of an oomph.

It may become more popular over time, though, especially for Game of Thrones fans since it's the name of the actress who plays the dragon queen and she's pretty awesome.

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I have a fondness for this name and I'm not really sure why. I think it's a gorgeous name for a little girl that will grow with her as she ages so she won't always sound like a little girl, which can often happen. Again, it has the same sounds as Emily with the first and last sounds being identical, but the middle stands out.

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Sure, traditionally this may have been a boy's name in the past, but now it's considered to be one of the names that easily goes to any and all genders. It's a little stronger sounding than Emily, but again has that same E-family to it and a great alternative.

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I love the sound of this name because it just screams elegance. It's a short and sweet name for a sweet little girl and while it's certainly not an unusual name, it's one that you don't hear too often and you always remember names like that.

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This might be the closest alternative of these names and it really does almost sound identical, but this has that little extra flare to it that makes it stand out. Originating from the French language, it's perfect for your strong girl who isn't afraid to be herself.

Do you like the name Emily and do you think these alternatives are fitting? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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If You Like Emily but Don’t Like its Popularity, Try These 5 Baby Names Instead

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