Lies I Tell My Children

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Generally, I am an honest person.

I'm not blunt. I'm not forward. I'm not hurtful or mean. But I am honest.

You know, generally.

There are certain situations wherein lying just feels right. More than half of those involve my kids.

These are the lies I tell my children.

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Santa is real, and he is active on email and social media.

He also enjoys texting and corresponds periodically with your teacher, so watch your back.

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No, my blog is not about you.

It's about me and how I take care of you. Not the same thing at all.

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Cookies for breakfast? Nope, I would never.

Except for when I do, which is whenever you guys polish off all of the good cereal. Or on Tuesdays because that's gym day, and we all know they don't count then.

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The tooth fairy didn't forget so much as she got busy and couldn't hit the ATM machine. And then when she did, believe it or not, it was totally out of cash.

So she gave you an IOU, and she's gonna forward me the cash, and I will get that to you tomorrow after schoolish.

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There are cameras everywhere.

They are a direct feed to the North Pole, the police station, and my cell phone.

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Sorry, it's live TV. We can't rewind it.

Because if I have to watch this show again, I'm going to lose my brain.

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If you don't brush before bed, you will have pirate teeth.

Black and gunky. The dentist won't even be able to help you! It's almost true, so whatever.

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The speed limit is more of a guideline than a requirement.

I'm not a bad driver, and I don't break the law really, but I am not going to stick to 55 mph on the freeway when everyone is blowing by me.

I'm a flow-of-traffic driver, and having my kids screaming “SLOW DOWN! YOU'RE GOING 37 IN A 35 ZONE!” is not helpful.

That is all.

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Someone pooped in the pool.

Because we've been every day this week. And seriously, my skin is fried, and I just want to sit on my couch and not wear a bra.

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I have a headache.

They respect my migraine suffering, which I appreciate and only abuse when I need to. So when I need them to simmer down, I get one.

Understanding “I have a headache” is a life skill sure to come in handy in the future anyway.

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What lies do you tell your kids?

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Lies I Tell My Children

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