Labor and Delivery in the Age of Social Media

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When I gave birth to my son in 2010, it was preceded by a very long night of labor. For whatever reason, I wasn't on Twitter chatting like I usually was, although I was a bit preoccupied trying to “get some sleep”. I remember my first tweet after my son was born, sent out to the universe while he was getting his newborn check in the nursery: “I just pushed an 8 lb 11 oz baby out of my body. It's the greatest thing I've done this year.” 

Tweeting, Facebooking, and posting on other social media platforms are, for better or for worse, ingrained into our lives, and that includes adding members to our family. It's a great way to share your joy with most of your friends and family in one fell swoop. On the other hand, is constant posting actually taking away from the privacy of labor and delivery? Find out what some real moms said about their own social media use during labor and delivery and their tips for pregnant Moms.

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Start Spreading the News

Some new moms love the immediacy of social media in sharing updates on how the labor is progressing and announcing the baby has arrived. Sarah Wagoner, mom to three, said, “I didn't do any details on the actually delivery, but kept people updated up to delivery and just shortly after. I have family and friends all over, so it was just easier that way!” 

Tracy Wright, mom of two, used Facebook to tell her family her son was on his way. “I didn't have labor, but did Facebook right before  my c-section. Hubby posted a photo of him with stats, and I posted shortly after coming back to the room.”

Rachel Blate, mom of one, used social media as a way to update her family on her induction. “I did, but I had an epidural so I was pretty relaxed during a lot of it! I also knew when I was going in because I was induced due to measuring small, so I was checking in to tell friends what was going on!” 

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Laura O'Rourke, mom of two, tweeted her entire labor and delivery. “Between my husband and I, we tweeted through both of my labours and deliveries. Okay, less during the actual delivery.” She even put the tweets on her blog, Mommy Miracles, for her first and second baby as a way to share her birth story!

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Last Thing on Your Mind


Labor and delivery can be long and painful, but can also be a private, special time for your family — after all, it's the first time you're meeting your long-awaited baby! Julie Mashaney, mom of two boys (and one newbie on the way) said, “I was way too enamored with them to think about Facebook for at least a few hours. My husband posted pics both times as soon as we left recovery.” 

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Other moms agree. “I was so happy to not even think about Facebook while I was in labor. I really wanted it to be a private time. But after he was born, we updated the Facebook community with his photo,” said Marisa Jackson, mom of one. 

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Wait it Out

If Facebooking your labor isn't our cup of tea, you're not alone. The majority of the moms we polled said they stayed away from social media during labor and delivery, but couldn't help but post a picture of their newborn (with stats!) soon after. 

Emily Morton, mom of two, said, “With my second, she decided to come a month early, so I think I solicited prayers that I would have a healthy delivery and that the baby would be healthy beforehand. No posts or updates while I was in labor either time, thank you very much. I was too preoccupied!”

Kristin Zaslavsky, mom of two boys, is on the newborn post bandwagon, too. “I posted a newborn photo and then mostly let it go for awhile. I only checked in when it was good for me.” 

Rachana Black, mom to two, agrees. “Not during labor. I posted after I'd rested and recovered just to let people know the baby had arrived.”

Katie Eure, mom of three, said, “No social media for the first two, but I did post the news of my third on Facebook within about an hour and posted pictures shortly after. Nothing on Twitter, I think. If my husband were on social media, I might have had him post instead, but it didn't really bother me. Labor wasn't as hard the third time and I was too wired to rest, so I liked having social media friends as company, especially in the middle of the night!”

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BF (Before Facebook)

So, what about all those babies born while Facebook was still the hot spot for college kids only? These responses were too great not to share — and prove that there was life before Facebook!

Alice Apathy, mom two three grown children and brand new grandma, said, “No social media 36 years ago! And we didn't even know the sex until the baby was born! So old school, huh?  But we knew no different … And were happy!!!!” 

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Karen Rhodenizer, mom to twin boys, agreed: ” My boys were born in 2003. My cell phone was just an actual phone back then, used for phone calls. To talk to people live. So arcane!”


Will you (did you) update your status or tweet though your labor and delivery?

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Labor and Delivery in the Age of Social Media

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