What Kids Say Dad Should Get for Father’s Day

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Quick, give Ma Father's Day ideas!

It's in three days, and I need ideas. All of the ideas.

So I asked the kids. Mine. And everyone else's I could find, too.

Here is what they recommend.

What Kids Say Dad Should Get for Father's Day

hello bacon
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“Bacon.” -DudeMom, son, age 7

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“A firetruck.” -Rebecca M., son, age 3

batman boy
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“A picture of Batman saving a duck.” -Monica V, son, age 3

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“Avocado.” -Arnebya, son, age 5

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“A promise that he will try for better aim in the bathroom.” -Kathleen J., son, age 6

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“A video game.” -DudeMom, son, age 10

Image via Flickr/ walknboston

“A gift certificate for men's clothes.” –Krystyn, girls, various ages

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“Death Star Final Duel Lego Set.” -Lizz P., son, age 7

soccer 1
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“A soccer goal.” -Magdelana L, son, age 5

Image via/ then again photography

“A birthday cake!” -Kim W., son, age 3

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What will the dads in your life be getting for Father's Day?

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What Kids Say Dad Should Get for Father’s Day

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