Kids Can Cook: 4 Valentine’s Day Recipes

4 valentine's day recipes to cook with kids
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My boys, ages 5 and 3, love to help in the kitchen. Although it is never a neat process, it's important to teach them the basics of cooking. There are so many things they can learn while helping, including sequencing, measurements, time, and the names of the ingredients.

Much like me, they love scrolling through all the pictures on Pinterest, but who can really blame them! This Valentine's Day, my boys and I will be creating a few fun treats that they specifically picked out on Pinterest.

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Each and every evening when I pack lunches, I ask my oldest two what they want for lunch. The majority of the time, they request peanut butter and jelly.

Needless to say, I get very tired of making sandwiches. While I love the idea of creative bento boxes, I just do not have the time or the energy to pull them off.

Instead, I use large cookie cutters to create shapes out of the bread. On nights when I'm ahead of schedule with packing lunches, I like to have them help me spread the jelly and peanut butter on the bread.

For Valentine's week, we will be swapping out peanut butter and jelly for Nutella-and-banana sandwiches in the shape of hearts. We are all excited about this!

hershey kisses
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As soon as the boys saw the picture for these Chocolate Valentine's Day Kiss Cookies, they wanted to make them right then and there. Since we didn't have many of the ingredients, I had to talk them down from their sugar craving. We will be making them this weekend for Xander's classroom Valentine's Day party. I'm looking forward to seeing how they turn out.

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Nothing says baking for the holidays like Rice Krispies treats. When I came across Weelicious' Heart Krispy Treats, I realized that I have never made the boys this classic kid goodie. What I love most about this recipe is that it involves just four all-natural ingredients, making this the healthiest crispy treat I have ever seen.

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My middle child loves anything that has to do with marshmallows. If I don't monitor his marshmallow consumption, he will eat more than any one person should during a sitting. I know he is going to love making and eating these chocolate-covered Peep hearts.

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Are you cooking with your kids this Valentine's? Tell what you're making.

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Kids Can Cook: 4 Valentine’s Day Recipes

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