How the Internet Made Me a Better Person

Image via Galit Breen

The power of the Internet is that it has given so many people a voice that they didn't even know they could use.

And the power of using those voices is the ripple effect of change and good they've made.

There are a few blog posts out there that just stick to your ribs and make you better all around.

Their messages are strong, powerful, and necessary, and thanks to the Internet, they're out there to make an impact on their readers.

You can hear the voices of the women who penned these posts speaking to your heart when you need it most.

Women make an impact with their words every day via their blogs. There are more of these posts than I could ever count, but here are five that have stuck with me since the day I read them.

Image via Stacy Conner

Stacy Conner loves chai tea lattes, bedtime, and being at home with her children. She writes about daily life, adoption, trans-racial parenting, and other issues big and small on her beautifully written blog, Is There Any Mommy Out There.

Stacy's post “Thoughts” is about the human task of repair. Her words are my go-to reminder to let go of perfection and forgive myself for my mistakes, but to always make the effort to repair. This is one I have saved and printed as a reminder of the choices I want to make and the power I have to fix.

Stacy says, “I want to model for my children that no one is perfect, but we can fix mistakes and that relationships are work, but they are worth it. Repair reminds me of these simple, necessary lessons.”

You can read “Thoughts” on Stacy's blog, Is There Any Mommy Out There?

Image via Tracy Morrison

Tracy Morrison is a writer, eater of dark chocolate, mom of three, and has a husband who claims that he saved her from an “old cat lady” life. She blogs about the lighter side of parenting at Sellabit Mum.

Tracy's post “On Being Vulnerable” is about the leap of faith she took in herself and her marriage by revealing her vulnerability. It sticks to my core because of its reminder that vulnerability is a perfect example of the strength that women are constantly tasked upon to find. Tracy's own strength in vulnerability leaps off the page with every word.

Tracy says, “I wrote this piece as a love letter to my husband and for others to know that sometimes it's not the big things that hurt a marriage but the little things from the everyday that build and form walls–and it's okay to break them down together. In fact, you have to if you want your marriage to survive. And I do.”


You can read “On Being Vulnerable” on Tracy's blog, Sellabit Mum.

Image via Nina Badzin

Nina Badzin is a published essayist living in Minnesota with her husband and four children. She writes about a variety of topics, ranging from motherhood, marriage, writing, reading, social media etiquette, Judaism, improving her habits, and more. Nina is known for her straight-to-the-heart-of-things take on topics that readers truly care about.

Nina's post “Do the Work” is about the three words she says to herself in order to get things done and to find success. Women juggle so many commendable tasks, but there's nothing that puts a smile on my face like seeing women reach for their dreams and succeed. Nina's post is a nod to how she reaches her goals and is a reminder that every woman has the ability to do this in her.

Nina says, “I wrote ‘Do the Work: Not Just for Writers' because the turnaround I've seen in my writing life from waking up early in the morning has been so tremendous. I hoped to motivate others to see that we can change certain habits or raise expectations of ourselves with enough hard work.”

You can read “Do the Work” on Nina's blog,

Image via Vikki Reich

Vikki Reich writes about the intersection of contemporary lesbian life, parenthood, and pop culture at her personal blog Up Popped a Fox.

Vikki's post “Respect” is about a conversation she had with her son, Miguel, about his response to a hateful comment. Her reminder to take the high road–always–is poignant, necessary, and it searingly pops into my mind when I'm about to veer from this wise advice.

Vikki says, “In my experience, anger has never led to lasting change, but kindness has. I want my children to understand that compassion is a radical act.”

You can read “Respect” on Vikki's blog, Up Popped a Fox.

Image via Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams blogs on her blog Jennifer P. Williams about being a working mom, married to her high school sweetheart with two kids. She writes in the attempt to hold onto part of herself by spilling her words onto a computer screen.

Jennifer's post “Random Acts of Kindness” is about purposeful kindness. She asks the simple question, “Why is kindness random, and why are we so surprised when someone is kind to us?” Her post is the call to be kind with wild abandon. It's this kind of reminder and purposeful action that can truly make an instant impact.


Jennifer says, “I often ask myself, ‘Why can't people just be nice?' I wonder what happened to being kind. I wish that kindness wasn't random, but was something that we practiced everyday.”

You can read “Random Acts of Kindness” on Jennifer's Blog.

What blog posts have made an impact on you? Add to our list in the comments!

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How the Internet Made Me a Better Person

Galit Breen is the bestselling author of Kindness Wins, a simple guide to teaching your child to be kind online; the TEDx Talk, “Raising a digital kid without having been one”; the online course Raise Your Digital Kid™; and the Facebook group The Savvy Parents Club. She believes you can get your child a phone and still create a grass-beneath-their-bare-feet childhood for them. Galit’s writing has been featured on The Huffington Post; The Washington Post; Buzzfeed; TIME; and more. She liv ... More

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