How to Beach With Baby: Gear List

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My little family and I had an amazing time at the beach! We live in Colorado, so it's not all that often we get to feel the sand between our toes. But last month we visited family in Florida, and enjoyed a couple of nights playing at the beach! Thankfully my sister-in-law had most of what was on my list, so it made our trip oh-so-much easier, but these items really made our beach adventures that much more enjoyable. I hope it will help yours too!

Baby shades

They're adorable, but will your baby actually keep them on his/her face? Who knows. It's worth a shot to keep their sensitive eyes protected, and the band will definitely help your cause.

Sun hat

Hats, much like sunglasses, are tricky. My son was 9 months when we were at the beach, and he did surprisingly well with not removing this hat! I love that it gives such good coverage – face, neck, ears – they're covered! He also wore it in the water and it dried quickly and easily.

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Inflatable baby tub

If your little isn't quite crawling yet, this is a great way for them to explore the ocean without getting in. Just fill this with a little water and plunk them in it with some toys. It will also help to avoid them getting sand in their everywheres.

Floating baby canopy

This was seriously the best thing we brought with us to the beach. We used it in the pool and in the ocean and my son loved it! It provided excellent shade and was easy to manage.

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Shade tent

The beach is a funny place! You go to enjoy the sun, sand, and surf, but you also go through a bunch of work to hide from the sun and the sand gets everywhere. It's a love/hate kind of thing. This shade tent is great for movers and groovers who want to explore the sand, but need none of the sun.

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I'm a huge Amazon fan, and the reviews on this one are killer. Plus, the price is pretty reasonable. My sister-in-law gave us a great tip for our beach adventure and loaned us their umbrella sand anchor. It screws into the sand so that your umbrella actually stays put.


This cooler looks pretty darn fantastic. I love that it folds into itself for packing and storage purposes!

Portable activity station

This thing is great. Gets baby up and in the mix, out of the sand, and makes it easy to keep them covered by shade. It's perfect for snack time, and you can hook toys to it for more entertainment.

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We are a pasty family so sunscreen is important for all of us, but especially to protect our sweet little baby's delicate skin. Badger makes some of the best; made primarily of zinc oxide without all of the other chemicals. It actually rubs in very nicely as well!

We also just purchased this one because a stick seems easier to apply to his face than a cream. I had read this article from our friends at Fatherly, which lists good sunscreens without the gunk for the whole family. We'll call it my sunspiration. We haven't used the screen stick yet, so we'll see how goes!

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Baby rash guard

This worked great for our son for our beach trip! It's lightweight and breathable so it keeps baby cool while covered. I liked that the fit felt better than the typical, tight rash guards. It also dried quickly!

Ring sling/breathable baby carrier

What a great way for baby to enjoy the water – with you! Plus, since babies bodies are unable to regulate their own temperatures when they're little, the heat from your body will go a long way to making sure they don't chill out too much in the ocean or pool.


Hooded towel

Hooded towels are great to get baby's hair dry and keep them cozy. Plus, this one guarantees baby will be the cutest – and hopefully only – shark at the beach!

Old sheet

Rather than bringing the entire beach worth of sand home with you in your car, throw toys and things into an old fitted sheet!

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How on earth are you going to carry all of this goodness with you, you ask? With this awesome, collapsible wagon, of course!

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Happy beaching, families!

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How to Beach With Baby: Gear List

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