How I’m Staying Active (and Comfy!) During Pregnancy

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I may have an addiction. To exercise. It just makes me feel so good, happy, and accomplished – I love it! I was just telling my husband I don't know how I'm going to handle not being able to exercise for six weeks postpartum because not working out makes me feel “itchy”. That's the best way I can describe it, but I suppose it's actually that it makes me anxious.

You can imagine how grateful I am that my baby boy has been super good to me and has let his mama continue exercising throughout my entire pregnancy. The one thing that became a bit of an annoyance as the bump grew was my dwindling options of workout gear that fit, much like with my regular wardrobe. Even some of my yoga pants that “fit” squeeze the babe and I pretty tight. The appreciation I felt when I discovered a brand of athletic clothing designed especially for pregnant women was huge! Enter, Mumberry!

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Love: The belly support, “Mumband(TM)”, is amazing! It's built-in belly support that is soft, comfortable, and discreet. I actually found that wearing both the pants and top with support bands together was a little warm for me, so I extended the support throughout my workouts (and saved myself some laundry) by wearing the pants with a different shirt that miraculously still fits and the shirt with different pants that also somehow still stretch to fit.

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Suggestion: The padding in the bra top is pretty thick. I don't necessarily mind this, but I am curious as to the reasoning for it – it's considerably thicker than any other athletic bra top lining pad I've ever used before. The upside to this is that it's easy to put back in place after a wash compared to the thinner liners, which can get very annoying to position back in place – why-oh-why are these not just sewn in somehow?!

Ask and you shall receive! I was able to get some clarification on the reasoning behind this … They're made thicker to provide extra support for your growing pregnancy breasts, and to absorb any leakage which may occur (I thought that may be the case!) during pregnancy or postpartum.

mumberry colors
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Love: The colors are great! They're cute and fun and the two pieces I received in coral and navy go well with my other workout clothing, which is predominately neutral.

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mumberry pants
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Suggestion: The logo on the back of my pants started to peel off after my first wash (I used the delicate cycle, I promise!). It's a cute logo so it's too bad it's starting to run away on me. Maybe this is because the fabric is oh-so-soft? I wonder if they couldn't get it printed directly on the fabric rather than as a label?

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Love: The pocket on the pants is perfect – fits my phone and ID/credit card and a key very comfortably and easily.

mumberry top
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Suggestion: The cut of the top is pretty modest. Not that I want my breasts hanging out all over the place when I workout, but the cut is pretty darn high and could be a little lower to not feel as stifling and still cover the ladies.

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Love: The fabric is very high quality! It breathes well, even the support band, and does not seem like it will get worn easily over time. It doesn't seem to hold on to sweat smell either! Maybe this is just me, but I sweat quite a bit when I workout (or really all the time now that I'm pregnant) and I have had some workout gear that seems to hold on to the stink despite my best efforts to keep it clean and fresh. This does not seem to be holding it in at all!

It also offers some great stretch, without looking stretched, which is obviously super important with my growing belly. The design of the sides is done just right to flatter your pregnant body, rather than making you look as though you might burst out of the seams. Speaking of the seams – they're also not itchy! Which is super important against mom's more sensitive skin.

mumberry overall
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Overall: Would I recommend this product to expecting friends? ABSOLUTELY! Us expecting gals already struggle with not fitting into all of our regular clothes, it's nice to feel comfortable, supported, and confident in gear that's worn while you're working to stay healthy and fit for you and baby. I'll be spreading the word about this product to all my mom friends (hi there, you're included!)!

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What's your favorite pregnancy workout?

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How I’m Staying Active (and Comfy!) During Pregnancy

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