Hey Dads, This One Is for You

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Hey dads! Do you know how important you are to us? So important! From helping us through our firstsecond, and third trimesters of pregnancy, to being everything we need during labor and delivery and raising little ones. We’re very grateful!  

We’ve noticed more and more fathers participating in the EverydayFamily community, and we love it! So today, this roundup of dad articles is for you.

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There is something a little scary about becoming a parent. Exciting, but scary. What are some of your concerns about fatherhood? Andy sheds some light on some common fears that dads have and shares the secret formula for being a genuinely happy fatherPaul addresses the thought of having second thoughts about becoming a father.

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Every dad has a little ritual that he does with his little ones. My kids’ daddy plays a tickle game with them every single night before they officially get tucked into bed. He starts tickling, and they have to guess the password to cease the tickles. They love it! Their day isn't complete without it. What’s the special ritual you do with your babies? And as you’re sharing these wonderful moments with your children, keep in mind these important lessons to teach your sons and daughters.

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Don’t underestimate how much time with your kids means to them. Take time to do little things with them. They’ll remember. Read Stef’s story about her father and how much love and appreciation she has for him. To your children, you are that important, too. 

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What are your feelings about fatherhood?

As a dad, what would you like to see more of on EverydayFamily?

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Hey Dads, This One Is for You

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  1. Wiley says:

    I think being a dad is the most rewarding experience ever.

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    Kudos to all dads in the world esp here in EF


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