Do You Hate Your Own Name?

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Growing up, I never had anyone in the same class with my same name. Actually, my whole school experience, from grade school through college I never experienced the issue of being called by my first name and last initial. Devan is not only unusual, but more so for a female and with a unique spelling as well, I have never had to worry about being confused with someone else.

I love unique names – all my children have then and it's partly because of my own experience growing up as a Devan. I love my name – I love that it's unisex, that it's not common, and love the unique spelling that makes it a little more “me”. I know I am not the only one in the world who answers to it, but it has always made me feel a little special and I love that.

Not everyone has that experience when they've been given a unique name. When naming my children, I wondered if they would ever grow to hate it or want to change their name as they got older. As a fail-safe, each of my children have also been given two middle names that are family names, but not as unique as their given names – so if they ever feel like changing it, they have two other legal names to choose from.

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I asked around to some friends of mine – who have both common and unique names – to get a feel for if hating your name was something that happens. Now, I don't have any friends who were given super unusual names like #hashtag, but names that have fun spins like mine or names that make the popular list year after year.

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“I didn't like my name when I was a child, but that's the usual state of affairs, isn't it? As soon as I recognized the other options my mom had in mind I realized I was lucky that Paula won the name lottery.” – Paula

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“As a child, for sure. It's not a common name, and 80% of the time people butcher it. However as an adult, I love having a unique name.” – Hanan

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“Kelly = ditsy, crazy, slutty. Not unique, not classy, but also not too weird!” – Kelly

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“I've always loved my name! It's unique without being strange, and I have always gotten tons of compliments on it my whole life. Of course, I've also had some people (who obviously don't think) ask me if I was named after Brad and Angelina's daughter? Really? She's a child, lol. Oh, and it comes form the Hebrew word for peace, which is also pretty neat” – Shiloh

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“I'm fine with it … Until someone tells me their dog's name is Molly!” – Molly

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“I hate my name. Seriously, nobody EVER gets it right. Besides the fact that it means bitter in Hebrew… It's just frustrating and some of the weird variations of Mara sound just horrible.” – Mara

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“I was one of four Melissa's in my class all through school. I hated it. But as an adult, I love it.” – Melissa

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“I was always mistaken for a boy in elementary. Even to this day I get called Cassie more often than Casey. That being said, I do like my name, there aren't many of us yet everyone has heard it. (That doesn't mean they can spell it right.)” – Casey

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What about you? Have you ever hated your name? Share in the comments!

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Do You Hate Your Own Name?

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  1. LadyAnneJT says:

    My parents gave me a name that was VERY popular when I was born. I was one of *four* girls with that name, but most of them had nicknames, which my mum absolutely forbade. As it turned out, my husband’s ex had the same first name, so I legally dropped it with we got married, and use my middle name instead. Our three girls have “middle of the road” names, and we gave them permission to use their middle names instead if they preferred. The eldest uses her middle name, but the other two stayed with their first names.

  2. Caroline says:

    I used to dislike my name in middle school and high school. Every one would say , “Your name is Caroline? Like the song, right?” And then they would sing or play the song, Sweet Caroline. I have heard that song so many times in my llife, I can’t stand to hear even a few seconds of it.

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