Going for the Green: Simple and Healthy Recipes


This week meant green rivers and green beer and lots of green clothing to avoid pinches. But just because St. Patrick's Day is over doesn't mean that you should forget about the green. Whether you're looking to improve your diet, inspire your kids to become healthy eaters, or control issues like gestational diabetes – adding some green to your diet can lead to big benefits

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We've got several green recipes that are tasty AND healthy – the perfect dose of green for any day. From healthy chips and a super smoothie to a seriously green soup (not pea!), check out these greens and let us know your favorite! 

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I try to eat to be as healthy of an eater as I possibly can, but one thing that I can't seem to satisfy within my diet is the need for something crunchy. I've had to cut out crackers, chips, and other crunchy things, and I am dying for a little bit of a crunch.

But what if you could have a healthy chip? No, I'm not talking about baked chips, because those are healthy in name only. So I present to you kale chips! As much as it may look like seaweed, kale is a leafy vegetable that is closely related to cabbage. So for those of you that don't do well with seaweed, don't worry. It's just cabbage!

If you want to learn how to make the kale chips, here's a video that will teach you how to make them. I will definitely be scouring the local grocery store for kale!

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It's the top o' the mornin', and you're in need of something that will keep you full until lunchtime. This smoothie will do just that. It's packed with protein, which is what keeps you satisfied after a meal. This smoothie is super healthy and is extremely festive. Don't let the color deter you. Just grab a hold of the green-loving spirit and down one of these guys. It'll hold you until lunch, and who knows, maybe you'll even have one for lunch, too!

Here's the recipe for the Super Green Power Smoothie.

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I. Love. Asparagus.

However, asparagus in my neighborhood is often a little pricey. But it's totally worth it, so splurge a little. Not only is it delicious, it's great for your health. It is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants. 

This is a recipe that makes asparagus soup with a side of Parmesan crisps. Remember how I was telling you that I crave something crunchy? These would be awesome! And better yet, you can eat them with asparagus. 

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What are some green recipes that you and your family enjoy? Share in the comments!

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Going for the Green: Simple and Healthy Recipes

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