5 Tips to Help You Drink More Water During Pregnancy

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When women find out that they're pregnant most begin to wonder right away what they can do to help their baby grow and thrive. While there are lots of important actions pregnant mothers should take, like eating nutritious food, taking a prenatal vitamin, and going to all their doctor appointments, one simple thing often gets overlooked – drinking enough water. When you're pregnant you should be drinking at least 64 ounces water per day but many women find that it's hard to keep up. Check out these tips to help you stay hydrated all nine months.

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Buy a water bottle
Trying to keep up with how much water you're drinking can be hard when you're drinking out of different cups and bottles all day. Try buying a bottle (or two) with the number of ounces marked on the side and then keep it with you wherever you go. If you spend a long time at your desk each day, keep a water bottle right next to you; if you're always on the go, keep one in your purse.

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Set a goal
Before you can achieve your water-drinking goal, you'll have to set one. In general, it's good to aim for 64 ounces a day, but check in with your doctor to make sure that number works for you.
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Track it!
Research shows that keeping track of what we eat and drink can help us reach our goals. Most nutrition apps have a designated space for tracking water consumption, but don't let not having access to an app stop you. Keep track the old fashioned way by writing down how much you're drinking in a notebook or marking a tally on your hand each time you finish a bottle.

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Flavor it up
Some women simply don't like the way water tastes and would much prefer to drink juice or soda. Instead of skipping the water, try filtering it or flavoring it. Tap water tastes different all over so, if you suspect that your water tastes funny because of where you live, try purchasing a filter that you can use to make it taste more neutral. If you're still have trouble drinking up, try flavoring your water with fruit. Simply pick your favorite fruit (it can be anything from citrus to berries) chopping it into thin slices and tossing it in your water bottle or pitcher.
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Remember why you're doing it
Trying to be perfect during pregnancy can be exhausting. Eating well, getting enough rest, and staying active can be tough enough but when you add in drinking enough water, it can begin to seem overwhelming. When the urge to give up on your goal strikes, put your hand on your belly and remember exactly who you're doing it all for. I promise, when they're born healthy and happy, it will all be worth it!
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5 Tips to Help You Drink More Water During Pregnancy

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