5 Things Happen When Your Fur Baby Becomes a Big Sister

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Five months after my husband and I got married, we fulfilled a life-long dream and adopted a dog from the local shelter. Our puppy was a ten-week-old ball of fluff whose sweet and playful attitude quickly won over our neighbors and friends alike.

In her first three years of life, she was pampered. She had clothes for every season, treats with every meal and presents for every holiday. We took her to puppy play groups and obedience classes at the local pet shop. We admired her intelligence and frequently (over)shared her photo with friends and family.

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When I got pregnant with my son I was thrilled but nervous about whether she would feel displaced once my baby was born. When we brought my son home, her life changed quite a bit. Though she still got a walk every day and a cuddle each night, we no longer had the time or energy to shower her with the kind of attention and affection she was used to. We did however, develop a deep appreciation for her role in my son's life. Below are five things that happen when your fur baby becomes a big sister.

Image via Julia Pelly

They lose out on presents but win big on scraps

Though you'll still love your fur baby with all your heart, it's likely that you won't have the time or energy to make sure they're always well stocked on their favorite treats. Lucky for them, there's someone new in their life that will be dropping scraps from the high chair and sharing snacks from the bumbo.

Image via Julia Pelly

They learn to share all their toys

As you browse the baby toy aisle, you might notice that many of the toys recommended for infants look very similar to the toys you've been buying your pup for years. Chances are, your little one will notice too and take sharing into his own hands. Be mindful of loose pieces but enjoy watching your two favorites play together.

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Their pictures become even cuter

Thought your pup was cute in its Halloween costume last year? The sweetness doubles when there's a little one in the shot. Pick out the matching outfits, set up the timer and get ready for a cuteness overload.

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Their walks get quite a bit slower

If you make it a priority, your pup will still get a daily walk. Once your baby is out of the stroller though those walks, even if they remain the same distance, will start taking a lot longer as your tot stops to smell the flowers, pick up pebbles, and splash in the puddles.

Image via Julia Pelly

They develop a patience and caring you didn't know was possible

Even if your dog was off the wall wild before her baby came, it's likely that she'll know instinctively that babies are fragile and will act accordingly. As your little one climbs aboard for his fifth ride of the day, or as your dog lets out a long sigh as your babe races his trucks along her back, you'll swell with pride that your babies get along so well.

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What did you learn about your fur baby after she became a big sister?

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5 Things Happen When Your Fur Baby Becomes a Big Sister

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