Your First Trimester Bucket List

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It doesn't matter how many times you've been pregnant, that first trimester when you're still getting used to the idea of being pregnant seems surreal. In my last pregnancy, the first trimester was just as new to me as my first, and everything felt like a new experience all over again.

There are some experiences that are unique in a healthy first trimester that many women will have to some degree or another. I've spoken to many pregnant women, and having been though four healthy, full-term pregnancies myself, these experiences, while some not exactly the same for everyone, can signify a healthy first-term pregnancy and experiences that you'll remember forever. Yes, even the unflattering ones.

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If you're pregnant with a healthy pregnancy in the first trimester now, or will be in the coming future, chances are you'll check most of these off your first trimester bucket list.

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1. Vomiting for the first time: Morning sickness is one of the first thoughts you'll have when you find out you're pregnant–wondering if it will happen to you. Then it will, and you can cross it off your list.

2. Experiencing your first craving: Will it be the typical pickles-and-peanut-butter-type weird combination, or will your craving be more conservative, like ice water?

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3. Wondering for the first time “Is it bloat or baby?”: There comes a time in every first trimester when you wonder if this belly you're all the sudden sporting is the bloat you hear can happen or if you're already showing. You'll try to justify it being a big baby.

4. Switching to maternity pants: After you wonder, you'll have no cares left and just switch to maternity pants. Why? Comfort is more important than anything.

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5. Getting the first ultrasound: Your first doctor appointment and/or the first ultrasound you get to peek at your little bean. It's a nerve-wracking feeling that you'll be thrilled to cross off the list of events.

6. Telling someone other than your partner you're expecting: Many seem to opt for waiting to share their news until after the first trimester, but if you're like me, you won't be able to wait. That moment when you tell someone other than your partner is a great milestone.

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7. Accidentally falling asleep: Don't think it will happen? It will.

8. Crying over something that even takes you off guard: Hormones do a doozie on you. One moment you'll be watching a commercial on TV for some new washer and dryer set, and the next moment you'll be wiping tears. True story–it happened to me.

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9. Gasping at the size of your prenatal vitamin: If you're not taking them before pregnancy, the moment you open the jar and see the size of these things you'll gasp. It happens every time.

10. The first time you find yourself placing your hand on your stomach: At first, you won't even notice you're doing it, and then you'll find yourself doing it all the time. That bond is strong and comes on very early.

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What would you add to your first trimester bucket list?

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Your First Trimester Bucket List

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