Where Did You Find Out You Were Expecting?

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I remember the moment I found out I was pregnant with my son. My husband and I were preparing to take a trip to visit our parents “up north,” and although we were trying to get pregnant, I didn't expect a positive test–I really just needed to know if I needed to bring “supplies” if I wasn't pregnant. I took the test in my bathroom–this was when my bathroom was a ridiculously ugly purple color from the previous owners, and for some reason this detail sticks out in my mind–and walked away for two minutes. I almost forgot about it. My husband and I walked back in to check, and for two solid minutes, we just looked at each other, stunned.

OK, so the bathroom at my house isn't that dramatic a place to find out I was expecting a baby. There are way more bizarre places to take a pregnancy test.

In fact, this one just may be the oddest: the local bar. More than 20 bars and restaurants in Alaska are offering free pregnancy tests to women who want to find out if they are pregnant before taking their first sip of a drink. The effort is part of a state-funded project to combat fetal alcohol syndrome by the University of Alaska–the state has the highest rate of fetal alcohol syndrome in the nation. I asked some of my mom friends to dish on where they found out they were pregnant, and I love some of these answers. Enjoy and laugh along!

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“In a Walmart bathroom. No joke! I was on a break in between two nanny jobs!” –Heather Kohler, mom of one

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“I was in my local grocery store bathroom. I couldn't wait!! Then I was at home for second and third pregnancy.” –Teresa Cavanaugh


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With my first, it was in my bathroom after coming home from a spin class. With my son, I literally peed on one of those amazon sticks right before I left for work. I took a photo of it and went to work and tweaked it on photoshop because the line was faint. I had a pretty good idea but wasn't totally sure.” –Tracy Wright, mom of two

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“With my second pregnancy, I found out from the pre-op nurse that I would be unable to have that myomectomy I was scheduled for the following day. We were pretty stunned, seeing as how I was having the myomectomy because we'd been trying for over a year with no luck.” –Karen Chavez, mom of two

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“My doctor had to tell me. I had taken eight pregnancy tests, all were inconclusive or negative. I finally went in because I was sure something was wrong with me, but I was sure I wasn't pregnant. When she told me, my jaw dropped.” –Melissa Matt Nielsen

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“I found out at home on New Year's Eve after buying all the booze!! Our plans changed quickly! –Krystal Butherus

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So, where were you when you found out?

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Where Did You Find Out You Were Expecting?

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  1. Vanessa says:

    We were planning on going to an amusment park the day I was supposed to start my period so I sent up a ton of prayers that I wouldn’t start that day so I could enjoy the water rides. I didn’t start that day and had a lot of fun. The next day I expected to start. And the next day. After a week I finally admitted it wasn’t happening. My husband realized before I did when I started getting moody like I do but then never had my period. He didn’t tell me, just waited for me to realize. He was still happy though when I told him even though he knew.

  2. Emily says:

    I was in New York visiting my mom who owns a bar, I had just sat down and ordered my first drink when I just had this weird feeling. So I walked across the street to a convenience store and bought what would only be $1 test at Wal-Mart for $7 went back to mom’s bar took it in the bathroom there and sure enough I was pregnant! Needless to say I dumped my drink and ordered a sprite lol.

  3. Leah says:

    I was at a 24 hr. diner called Sherri’s, and I had walked across the street to the local dollar tree, claiming to just have to go to the bathroom while we were out for coffee….low and behold i came back with a positive test…Our 3rd child..This was quite the surprise, considering our other children are 20, 15 & 14 years old…and I am 39…very unexpected…were looking very forward to this coming January 2015, were we all get to welcome our baby girl, Wyatt into the world to join her older siblings, Jasmine, Daniel, & Lindsay…. 🙂

  4. catherine says:

    i found out that i was pregnant june 19 2014 just four days after my 27th birthday…. i started getting sick about 3 weeks before that but just thought i caught a virus…. my periods have always been irregular so i didn’t think anything of it… my boyfriend kept telling me that i was pregnant but i wouldn’t listen… i finally took a home pregnancy test and it came back positive… one of the lines was faded so i went to the store and got another one and that one was clearly a positive test… i had to go to the er because i was dehydrated and they confirmed that i was 7 weeks and 6 days pregnant.. i am now 12 weeks and 3 days pregnant with a very active baby

  5. Sarah says:

    The first pregnancy I found out with at home pregnancy test, the second I found out in the ER!

    We had been trying but I had no symptoms like the first pregnancy. I was tired and shoved our driveway off twice. February was snowy and slick. I was rear ended at a red light in which my almost 2 year slept through the whole thing. Two days after the accident, my neck and head felt funny. My Aunt who is a nurse told me it is common to have pain two days after a car accident and to go to the ER but due a pregnancy test since I was late. Pregnancy test came back positive. I still decided to do the x-rays for my neck. Thankfully, it was just a sprained neck.

    I now have the ER discharge papers that say today’s exam’s have found you pregnant. I have enjoyed saying that I have had many follow up ER appointments. The claims adjuster was excited to find out that she finally had a claim where someone was pregnant. Apparently, finding out you are pregnant in the ER happens.

  6. Angela says:

    My two were the funniest finding out for my husband and I. The first was 8 years ago and we had a wonderful party weekend in Florida at my sisters for New Years Eve. Well needless to say six weeks later I was pregnant. Our daughter was conceived on champagne, Jamaican food, and new years eve. I was in the military at the time and getting ready to leave for school the next day. That didn’t happen. Well I texted my hubby and he didn’t believe me cause it wasn’t a blood test so I went to the lab and 2 hours later it was confirmed I was knocked up. Now I am pregnant at 32 and its kicking my but. How I found out about this one was a routine check up at the VA and they drew some labs noticed my blood pressure being weird and my heart rate and the doctor was like I think you might be pregnant. I was like I haven’t had a normal period since January I don’t think so. A week later I am playing phone tag with a doctor I haven’t even seen yet and finally she was like your pregnant and I was like not possible but I have had all day sickness so its confirmed this child was conceived on memorial day weekend with beer and barbecue. My babies are conceived on major holidays go figure.

  7. bobbijo says:

    I was at home just got up. Went to the store and got a test I wasn’t even planning on taking it
    But I said owell better to now. I haven’t had my monthly in a while and my friend already had hers
    So I knew something was up.I always get mine first so I figured it was worth a try. I took the test nd it was 2 bright red lines.
    I ran down stairs nd told my family. We have been trying so hard and finally it happen from the grace of God


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