All About Your February Baby

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There's nothing quite so exciting as the love you feel when you finally meet your very own baby! And what kind of love will you find with your February baby? Looking to sources from astrology and the farmer's almanac to scientific research, here are some of the characteristics attributed to February babies.

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There are quite a few things that make February a unique month. It is the shortest month, with only 28 days, until a leap year arrives and brings 29 days.

The name February derives from “the Latin term februum, which means purification”. The celebration of Valentine's Day on February 14 means that it's also known as the month of love.

And you may love hearing this: researchers at Harvard University conducted a study that revealed winter babies have an advantage over those born in other seasons. In fact, they found “winter/spring babies are both ‘bigger' on the anthropometric variables and ‘smarter' on the selected neurocognitive variables” in comparison to babies born in summer. So go ahead and love on that smart, chubby little baby of yours.

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The birthstone for February is amethyst, believed “to keep the wearer clear-headed and quick-witted” and “to ward off guilt and fear.”

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The birth flower for February is the violet, which symbolizes “watchfulness, loyalty, and faithfulness.” It is also associated with the story of St. Valentine. The other bloom associated with February is the primrose, which “lets someone know you can't live without them.”

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The zodiac signs for February babies are Aquarius (until February 19) and Pisces (February 20 forward).


  • Aquarius – Symbolized by the water-bearer, they are philanthropic, inventive, and looking to improve the world. They are creative and playful, but also intellectual. They make friends easily, but can be unpredictable.
  • Pisces – Symbolized by a pair of fish, they are fluid, compassionate, giving, and sensitive. They can get caught up in dreams and fantasy. They can be romantic and enjoy doing for others.
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Famous February birthdays include George Washington, Dr. Dre, Steve Jobs, and Jennifer Aniston.

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When is your February baby's birthday?

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All About Your February Baby

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