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I am so grateful I was able to nurse my baby through his first year of life. Being able to continue to nourish this little body that I grew inside of me with my own body was seriously magical. We're amazing creatures, mamas! When it came time for my baby to start eating “solids”, I wanted to prepare most of his food for him. It just felt right and good to me, but there are plenty of other wonderful options! If you would like to make your own baby food, I can tell you it's really not difficult or all that time consuming. Here are several baby recipes that will sound good even to the “refined” adult palate, perfect for your foodie baby:

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Beet, butternut squash, cauliflower

Beets are a super healthy, sweet and tasty, fun food, that also give baby temporary lipstick and red poo. There are a few ways to cook beets, but I like to boil them.

  1. Cut the leaves and top off the beets, also snip off the roots
  2. Give 'em a rinse
  3. Boil a pot of water big enough to submerge the beets
  4. Boil beets for about 45 minutes
  5. Let cool
  6. Peel with veggie peeler
  7. Toss in food processor

Butternut squash is my son's jam! That and sweet potatoes. He will eat them with whatever, or plain, whenever. You can buy these pre-cooked and cut in the store, or it's very easy to cook them yourself.

  1. Oven goes to 350 degrees
  2. Cut squash in half, lengthwise
  3. Scoop seeds out and discard
  4. Place squash, meat sides down in a baking pan and fill with a half inch of water
  5. Bake for one and a half hours
  6. Scoop cooked squash into food processor and blend

Cauliflower is a pretty neat vegetable when you consider it. You can turn it into a mashed potato substitute, make it into “rice”, and baby food…

  1. Trim cauliflower so you're left with the white stuff
  2. Boil about two inches of water in a pot large enough for our colander
  3. Put cauliflower in colander in pot with boiling water and toss on the lid
  4. Turn the burner to low and steam cauliflower until tender, about 7 minutes
  5. Put in food processor

I froze all of my son's purees in a silicone ice cube tray with small cubes. Then I'd pop them out of the trays and store them in labeled zip lock bags in the freezer.

You can mix and match foods how you want! For this blend I usually did a cube of each when he was first eating solids around six months and ramped it up from there with varying amounts of each cubed food.


Image via BabyFoode

Avocado, pear, kiwi

Avocado has been a staple for us for a while now, but the first time my son tried it he was not a fan! Maybe if we had paired it with pear and kiwi things would have gone a bit differently … Here's the recipe.

Image via Weelicious

Mango, apple, carrot

It's not weird for moms to eat mush, is it? YUM! Recipe here.

Image via Flickr/Stacy Spensley

Carrot, apple, cinnamon

It's vegged up apple sauce!

If you've never steamed carrots before, it's super easy and can be done with either baby or regular, big boy, carrots. If you use regular carrots, just cut the tops off and chop each into two inch sections before steaming.

  1. Fill pan with two inches of water, bring to a boil
  2. Add carrots to boiling water, cover, and turn heat to low
  3. Cook for eight minutes
  4. Throw in your food processor

I'd never made what is basically homemade applesauce until I had my son. It's super easy!

  1. Peel apple
  2. Cut apple into quarters, remove stem and core
  3. Fill pan with two inches of water, bring to a boil
  4. Add apples to boiling water, cover, and turn heat to low
  5. Boil for ten minutes
  6. Throw in food processor

Follow the same instructions to freeze, add cinnamon when you serve.

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Acorn squash with pear

Squash is a big favorite around here, and luckily our garden is flush with them this year!


  1. Oven goes to 350 degrees
  2. Cut squash either length or width-wise, doesn't matter
  3. Scoop out and discard seeds
  4. Place in shallow baking pan, meaty side down
  5. Bake for 30 minutes
  6. Scoop out and into the food processor

Prepare the pear the same way you did the apple, then mix these two together to serve!

Image via Flickr/Matt Biddulph

Apple, cauliflower, carrot

You've made all three of these, so just combine 'em!

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Beets and blueberry

To blend blueberries thoroughly, toss them in the food processor. Or, you should be able to get by with putting them in your bowl and smashing them well with a fork. Throw in a couple cubes of your thawed beets and you're good to go!

Parsnip, apple

Parsnips are a funny vegetable, but it's good to get variety in baby's diet so why not give them a shot? And one they're sweetened up with apple baby won't even know the difference.

  1. Peel the parsnip
  2. Cut it into half inch rounds
  3. Steam in steamer basket over boiling water for 20-25 minutes
  4. Blend in food processor

You've made apple already, so grab cubes, thaw them, and mix it in!

Fennel, pea, peach

Something about fennel just says ‘fancy', doesn't it? Recipe here.

Chicken, sweet potato, apple


Next to butternut squash, sweet potato is my son's second favorite food. They actually might be tied. Pump in some protein with the chicken and sweeten it all up with some apple. Yum!

Chicken was a tricky one for me to get to the right consistency. Definitely be sure to add water during pureeing to help get it there.

  1. Bake a chicken breast or two (400F for 20 minutes)
  2. Roughly chop cooked chicken
  3. Mix in food processor, adding one teaspoon of water at a time until chicken reaches a smooth consistency

Sweet potatoes are an easy, very healthy first food for baby. You can also serve soft, baked sweet potatoes as a great baby-led weaning food for baby.

  1. Poke holes in the top of a sweet potato or two with a fork (I lay the sweet potato on the counter when I do this so I'm sure the holes will be on top once I pop it in the oven)
  2. Bake on 425F for 45 minutes
  3. Let cool, then peel skin off the sweet potato. I typically just do this with my hands, it comes off easily.
  4. Cut into chunks and put in food processor

Add in a cube or two of the apple you've already made and you're set!

Image via AnnabelKarmel.com

Salmon, tomato, sweet potato

My son LOVES smoked salmon. He's meh on grilled or baked salmon, but maybe he'd like it if we started him on it as a puree? Especially one mixed with one of his favorites, sweet potatoes. Recipe here.


Image via BabyFoode.com

Egg yolk, avocado

Babies under one are not supposed to have egg whites, but here's a creative way to introduce egg yolk, with another thing they love. Recipe here.

Image via BabyFoode.com

Mango, kale, ginger

I feel like any chance you get to sneak a leafy green into your child's food, you should take it. Recipe here.


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Image via LittleMashies.com

Turkey, cauliflower, potato

You may want to add a little cinnamon or apple to this one to sweeten it up a bit, but I love the idea of introducing different meats early. Recipe here.

Image via BabyBulletBlog.com

Dates, quinoa, cinnamon

Dates are so good for you! And if baby has any issues with constipation, they're a good way to get things moving smoothly. Recipe here.

Chicken, corn

My son is just starting to mildly warm up to meat. Maybe it's a texture thing? I tried it as a puree, but I struggled to get the texture quite right. He loves corn though, so maybe this combo would have been a winner?

We've already cooked the chicken, so just puree canned corn in your food processor and mix together!


Apricot, carrot, nutmeg

Apricots are a very healthy fruit, and they're tasty!

  1. Peel skin off apricots
  2. Cut apricots in half and remove pits
  3. Place apricots in small pot with one inch of water, bring to a boil then reduce to a simmer and cook 5-10 minutes
  4. Puree in food processor

Now just add your carrots and a teaspoon of nutmeg to the mix!

Lentils, spinach, rice

Lentils are a very healthy little legume. Mixing them with leafy greens is a serious health power combo for baby! Recipe here.


Potato, zucchini, cauliflower

Variety is important for everyone's diets. Recipe here.



Butternut squash, cream cheese, coriander

Coriander is fancy, and introducing baby to non-spicy spices is just plain fun! I love that this recipe also uses cream cheese, but just check with your doctor to make sure they're on board too. Recipe here.

Pea, apple

Grab a bag of frozen peas and steam according to the instructions on the container. Once steamed, blend them in your food processor. Mix with your apple cubes and feed away!

Fig, apricot

Figs are another fancy, delicious little food and they're also very nutritious!

  1. De-stem and quarter eight or so figs
  2. Mix in food processor

Mix with your apricots and let baby dine!

Sweet potato, red pepper, pear

I love the idea of getting baby started on peppers! Bell peppers are of course mild, and you remove the seeds anyway, so you're just left with their tasty unique flavor. Recipe here!


Chicken, pear, broccoli

Broccoli can be a tricky food for kids, but sweetened up with a little pear, it should go down just right! Recipe here.

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Which of these recipes are you most excited to prepare for your little foodie? Do you have any other fancy recipes to share?

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Favorite Purees for Your Foodie Baby

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