My Epic Pregnancy Meltdowns

epic pregnancy meltdown
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With huge levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) , follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), hCG, estrogen and progesterone coursing through your body for 40 weeks, it's no wonder that pregnancy can sometimes cause a few hormone-induced temper tantrums. During my two pregnancies, I had my fair share of brain hiccups, violent screaming spells, inane arguments, and buckets of tears. Buckets!

Looking back, they are funny. At the time? Not so much.

My worst pregnancy meltdown happened when my husband was cleaning out the pantry to make room for more food. He had thrown away several expired packages of cake mix, pancake mix, and other dry goods. Of course, I couldn't bear parting with them because I apparently enjoyed hoarding expired food. I grabbed the packages from the trash bag and started placing them back on the shelves, screaming at my poor husband, who was just trying to help, about how much food we were wasting. I eventually turned into a puddle of tears (naturally …) and the packages went back into the garbage.

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Some of my mama friends spilled the beans on their own epic pregnancy meltdowns, and they are pretty funny!

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My 5-year-old, Eli is allergic to peanuts. When I was pregnant with Falynn she made me CRAVE peanut butter! After he'd go to sleep at night I'd give into my craving. Then, I cry and cry because I couldn't kiss him or touch him or love him if he woke up sick and needed his Momma! – Jana Cope

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My husband wouldn't take me to a donut shop to get a cream filled chocolate donut and a Dr. Pepper – I craved both of those my entire pregnancy. He told me I didn't need it, and I took that as an insult that I was “fat”. He didn't understand how bad I wanted that donut and Dr. Pepper. I could taste it I wanted it so bad! I started bawling and crying. He felt horrible and told me he didn't realize it meant that much to me. He had to force me to get in the car to go to the donut shop, and just like a child I pouted and told him I wasn't going to eat it! BUT I DID OF COURSE. – Sarah Grimes

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I cried for an hour when I found my fresh spinach had frozen in the fridge. Matt, my husband, had to talk me through it. And I also watched the episode of Full House when Becky was pregnant and talked about how an elephants gestational period is 22 months, and I cried because I felt bad for those poor momma elephants. That was at 2 am. – Melissa Neilsen


christmas belly
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The infamous Christmas tree meltdown! I was 5 months pregnant with Martin. I spent most if my fourth month in excruciating pain as a giant fibroid emerged and degenerated. Joaquin and I had been married for only 7 months and we'd been a couple for a total of 11 months (we moved at lightning speed!). The only Christmas trees Joaquin had ever known were the ones he would set up each year in the 5-star hotels where he worked. The only trees I ever knew were live trees decorated with crafty, often handmade ornaments with sentimental value … most of mine at that time were horses. It was our first Christmas together, our first tree, a baby on the way. I was picturing a Norman Rockwell scene. I had almost finished tree and Joaquin came out and said the horses on the tree weren't ornaments and I should have used all white lights and where were the sparkly, glass ball ornaments and garland and angel for the top? OMG, I was so pissed. He basically told me the tree sucked and my horse ornaments were stupid. I started snatching all the ornaments off, and then all the lights. Joaquin came back out and asked what I was doing and I screamed that I was taking the effing tree down and I was gonna take it to the effing dumpster and that was it, EFF THIS TREE AND EFF CHRISTMAS! And I then I sat down and sobbed. – Karen Chavez

no gluten bread
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I had to be “removed” from Fazolis by my husband because they weren't bringing breadsticks around fast enough to suit me. I made him go to the counter and ask for more and they told him they'd be around in a few minutes. After those few minutes passed with no sign of breadsticks, I had a complete meltdown. My poor husband had to explain to them employee that I was pregnant and in desperate need of the breadsticks. And we were late for a movie and I had to leave without any. – Heather Porter

safety of cleaning products during pregnancy concept
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My one and a half year old daughter drew on all our couch cushions in maker. I had a total melt down. My husband came home to me bawling my eyes out as I scrubbed the marker off each cushion. It came off really easily, but I was crying like it was the end of the world. That's when we knew I was pregnant with our third baby. – Jana Ethington


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I screamed at the manager of Jimmy John's because they didn't make my sandwich on wheat bread. I stomped out of there & cried the whole way back to my car. I never set foot in there again. – Hillary Melchiors

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My Epic Pregnancy Meltdowns

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  1. Brandi says:

    Wow… Really? I’ve had 2 kids and never one had a “meltdown” bawling over the things in these stories makes me realize why everyone kept telling me I had it easy… I worked the entire time I was pregnant with my first (waitress/bartender/butcher shop) and with my second I welded the entire time! Sounds to me like these women need to grow up and suck it up.

  2. Shayla says:

    Some of these women sound like whiny children! My goodness! I get having the meltdowns but the least you could do is avoid them in public for the sake of your poor husband. I’ve had stupid meltdowns at home but never in public!

  3. Olivia says:

    One of my worst meltdowns thus far into this pregnancy? It was over a pizza. A PIZZA! Oh my. My boyfriend was trying to be nice and order a pizza for me after I had got done working and I was so tired and so stressed out from work I just shut him out, started crying and then went to bed. Needless to say the poor guy was beyond confused at what had just happened and I was woken up to a plate with pizza on it and a kiss on the forehead. 🙂

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