How to Enjoy Your Summer Road Trip while Pregnant

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Road trips are a huge part of summer fun and vacations. Packing up the car, hitting the road to a fun destination, and seeing the sights along the way is a ritual for many couples.

But when you're pregnant, the car road trip isn't as simple as before. As long as you have your doctor's OK to travel, a road trip is still a fun vacation to take during pregnancy, but you will need to make a few adjustments. Traveling during the second trimester is probably going to have you feeling the most comfortable — when nausea has passed and before your shape has changed too much. But really — getting away anytime you can is good.

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If you're planning a summer road trip while you're pregnant, here are 7 things you need to know to make it a great vacation.

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Stop every few hours.

It's important to stop every few hours to stand up and walk a bit. It will help you from getting too achy from being in the car, will lower your risk of DVT, and the fresh air is needed for everyone.

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Bring your own pillows.

Cars are not the most comfortable to travel in for anyone, and it can seem even worse when you're pregnant. Bring your own pillows that you can use to prop your back, feet, and belly so you can stay comfortable.

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Bring snacks and water.

You don't want to get dehydrated or experience low blood sugar symptoms when you're traveling and pregnant. Stock the car up with water and natural, healthy snacks and make sure you stay on top of it.

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Watch for signs of DVT.

Blood clots are nothing to play around with, and when you're pregnant, you're at an increased risk. Even more so if you have a clotting disorder like Factor V Leiden. Know the signs of deep vein thrombosis, discuss your risks with your doctor, and take precautions (like wearing compression stockings) if needed.

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Know when you've had enough.

It can be easy to overdo it when you're on vacation, but it's important you don't when you're pregnant. Be kind to yourself, and if you need to switch turns driving because you need a rest or you want to cut the trip short, speak up.

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Take your pregnancy notes with you.

If you're later in your pregnancy, bring your doctor's notes with you if they're available. That way, if you have any complications and need to visit the hospital while away, the doctor will know your pregnancy history. It's not fun to plan for the unpleasant “what ifs,” but it is important.

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Enjoy yourself!

This may be the last vacation you get before your baby arrives, so make sure you have a great time. Enjoy yourself, spoil yourself, and make it memorable.

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What are your tips for enjoying a summer road trip? Share in the comments!

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How to Enjoy Your Summer Road Trip while Pregnant

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