Do You Embrace Your Post-Pregnancy Body?

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Did you guys know that after you have a baby, you will probably leave the hospital looking pregnant?

This seems like such a simple question with a simple answer for moms who have given birth, but for me, this fact was a shock to me the first time around.

When Princess Kate Middleton gave birth to Prince George last summer, she made news when she wore a tight-fitting dress as she left the hospital, showcasing a small “mama belly” for the first pictures of the new royal arrival. She was lauded for embracing her body, and I showed several friends who weren't moms (yet!) the article and told them what others neglected to tell me: your body is going to change and won't be the same for a while … or possibly, forever

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After my first baby, I lost weight quickly, then ended up putting some back on. With baby number two, I weighed less at the start of my pregnancy than the first time around, so I felt better after my daughter was born, but guess what? I still have the pooch, six weeks postpartum.

I've come to the conclusion that I'll always have a different body shape than before I carried and fed my two beautiful children, and I'm embracing it. However, not all mamas feel the same. Check out these thoughts from gorgeous, real mamas about their post-pregnancy bodies.

Image via Facebook courtesy of Tonya Wertman

“I'm only 10 weeks postpartum and I'm having a hard time. I gained more weight with this pregnancy, in large part due to fertility medications, and while I'm trying to go easy on myself, I'm frustrated. I just yesterday met with a nutritionist so I'm optimistic.”  – Tonya Wertman, mom of two (Read more about her journey on her blog, Letters for Lucas)

Image via Facebook courtesy of Tayrra Sharp

“It was difficult to accept for sure! I feel like my lower belly will never be the same. However, putting in the hard work and holding my babies, I've come to love the new me more than I ever loved the old me. I worked for what I have now and nothing makes me appreciate it more.”  – Tayrra Sharp 

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Image via Facebook courtesy of Rachel Gray

“After my first pregnancy, the more time that passed the more I accepted my new body. I felt kind of miserable at first, but as the weight slowly fell off (and as I worked to get it off) and things started shifting back to their old locations (well, at least close!) I actually felt more confident than I did prior to my pregnancy. For example, I wear shorts now with no reservations – prior to my pregnancy I never wore them. I've always had a small, petite frame so that wasn't the issue, just a lack of confidence! ” – Rachel Gray, mom of one and pregnant with her second


Image via Facebook courtesy of Sarah Wagoner

“Six months post with my third, I can't really say that I love or hate my differences. Will I ever embrace all the changes? Probably not. There are areas that I'm not happy about, but I haven't done anything to improve those areas. The area that I'm not happy about, I can't do anything unless I'd have surgery, and I don't see that happening.” – Sarah Wagoner, mom of three 

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Image via Facebook courtesy of Dawn Garnes

“Having two babies between eight and nine pounds each, and only being 5 foot 1, has totally ruined my stomach. I only gained 33 pounds with my first and 25 with my second, and lost the weight fairly quickly, but I think my stomach muscles separated.  I am always self conscious of still looking pregnant … and my youngest is three” – Dawn Garnes, mom of two

Image via Facebook courtesy of Marisa Jackson

“Before pregnancy, I had accepted that my body would never be the same. Although, I didn't realize I would have a little pudge where the baby belly used to be. I didn't realize that my breasts would change shape, look and feel differently after breast feeding. I love what my body was and is capable of doing. My boy is my proudest accomplishment, so I don't think I am capable of hating how I look, when I have been filled with such love. If I would just get my fitness on, I could improve those other areas!” – Marisa Jackson, mom of two 

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Have you embraced your post-pregnancy body?

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What do you think?

Do You Embrace Your Post-Pregnancy Body?

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  1. Rebekah says:

    I had a 22 inch waist before I got pregnant the first time. It took me 18 months to get back there after first baby, then only 6 months after second. Didn’t really try; the weight just sort of fell off. After third baby, the best I could do by trying was 24 inches after 6 months and it stayed that way. At 6 months postpartum after baby number four, I’m still pretty big for me, and I don’t really like it, but I don’t have time, money, or energy to do anything about it.

  2. Grace says:

    not really i only was ever once in shape and that was literally right before my first child for only two or three months before getting pregnant. i love it when i am pregnant but i feel like all people see when i am not pregnant is my size. i have other than right before always been a larger than my peers individual or at least was made/had felt that way. at 16 i was a size 18, at 20 still 18 after my first baby went up to a size 20, still a size 20 at 30. note i am tall but still technically obese . it does not matter what i eat how often i exercise, i still cannot lose weight.

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