How to Decorate, Organize, and Personalize Shared Kids Bedrooms!

Shared Kids Bedrooms
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Each one of my kids share a bedroom with a sibling, because with six kids, that's just what you do! Of course, there are pros to this arrangement–each of the “roommates” feels especially close to the other (talking late into the night in the dark will do that for a relationship!), and there are some cons–lack of privacy, sibling constantly touching “your stuff”– but because we've put some effort into creating personalized spaces for each them in their shared bedrooms, sharing really hasn't been an issue at all.

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If you have two or more kids that share a room, here are some things that you can do to decorate, organize, and personalize shared kids bedrooms!

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Tip #1: Desks and Bookshelves

Giving a child a desk is the ultimate personal space in a bedroom. Aside from being a place where they can do homework, write in their diary, or just doodle, a desk can hold all kinds of personal treasures. We have a strict rule in our home that anything a child places on their desk is personal, and a sibling cannot use it (or even touch it!) without the owner's permission. We've purchased desks from both Pottery Barn Kids as well as from Target for our kids. I suggest that you invest in a desk with more than just one drawer–a desk with a top hutch or side cabinet provides lots of extra storage.

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If you have room for it, bookshelves are another great way to give each child their own personal storage space. I love the 6-Cube bookcases from Land of Nod or the “famous” Billy bookcase from Ikea. They are a perfect height for kids to access and can be placed at the foot of a bed to maximize space. (Safety tip: For younger children, be sure to anchor any furniture pieces such as bookshelves to a wall so they won't fall over onto your child when he/she decides to climb on them. (And trust me … they will!)

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Tip #2: Individual Color Scheme


When picking out bedding and room colors, I suggest that you find two complimentary colors to use–assigning a different color to each child (rather than purchasing matching bedding). When we updated the bedroom of my 10- and 8-year-old sons to a game themed room, Jack went with lime green, and Alex went with orange as their colors of choice. We used these colors on their bedding, their storage bins, and even their bath towels. We pulled the orange and green together through the use of a floor rug and wall art.

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Tip #3: Use Bins to Decorate and Contain

My absolute favorite way to organize a kids bedroom is with the use of pop-up fabric bins that can fit on a bookshelf (these ones from Target are my fave). These are especially nice for kids who love to collect things like trucks, Legos, dolls, hair accessories. Almost anything can be placed into a bin, and the shelves always look neat (even when the bins are full of a mish-mash of stuff!).

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Giving each child their own bin color allows them to easily see what belongs to whom.

Wall Art
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Tip #4: Name it!

What better way to personalize a space than with your own name? Kids love wall art or name signs, as well as art or decals that celebrate things they love like horses, puppies, or sports. (Check out a wide range of ideas for canvases, prints, and decals over at Oopsy Daisy). Buying a name sign or a piece of artwork for each child that is unique but coordinates with one another is a great way of personalizing a shared kids bedroom.

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Tip #5: Bunk Beds–Love 'em or Hate 'em?

Certainly, bunk beds are an awesome way to maximize floor space in a kids bedroom — you can fit two beds into the same square footage as one! But before you head over to the furniture store to start shopping — there are a few things that you should know:


  • Make sure that your top-bunk sleeper is ready to handle climbing the ladder and sleeping in the top bunk without falling out (according to Nationwide Children's, kids younger than 6 should not sleep in a bunk bed). Personally, I feel that readiness varies with the child and their sleeping patterns. (I have an 8-year-old who still cannot sleep in the top bunk because she sleepwalks!).
  • Know that changing the sheets in a bunk bed (both the top and the bottom) is a pain in the butt! Trying to wrestle on a fitted sheet when you can't actually stand over the mattress is a bit of a challenge, but I count it against my daily workout!
  • If you have aspirations for your kids to make their beds every day, know that bunk beds are just another win-lose. Lose: you'll rarely get them to make the bottom bunk bedding look neat and tucked in. Win: the top bunk is so tall that you won't be able to see the messy bed!

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What tips do you have for decorating, organizing, and personalizing a shared kids bedroom?

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How to Decorate, Organize, and Personalize Shared Kids Bedrooms!

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