Dating Your Girlfriends: 6 Great Girls’ Night Ideas

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My relationships with my girlfriends are wonderful. They have kids, so they get it. They get that in the middle of our conversation, I may have to run into the other room and kiss a boo-boo or change a dirty diaper. But more often than not, we never do get to finish that conversation, or our conversation changes to be all about the kids. But sometimes, just like you need to get out for a date night with your spouse so you can reconnect on a different level, the same applies with you and your girlfriends!

Here are 6 great girls' night ideas that don't include dinner and a movie!

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Card Games and Junk Food

There's no better time to be goofy and act like a kid again than when you're sitting around a table playing cards. Use a friend's den after her kids are in bed, eat junk food, and have complete conversations! Sounds like a great time to me!

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Get out of your comfort zone and up on the stage with your girlfriends! Sing that Spice Girls' song loud and proud, and forget for a moment that the teenagers in the room think you're ancient. Improv theaters are also a great way to have some hilarious laughs, and entry is usually very inexpensive!

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Pinterest Craft Night

Stop pinning and start doing! Get together with your materials and work on that project that you've been dying to try. Or help a girlfriend with a big project she's working on. We all know crafts are more fun when you have a friend there to share it with you!


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“Revenge” Party

Or “House of Cards” or “The Bachelor” or whatever guilty pleasure show you and your girlfriends frequent! Get together and gasp together when Emily Thorne throws you for an unexpected plot twist! (And if you can't all be in the same place, you can create a private Facebook group where you can all log in and post your theories and excited emoticons!)

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Take an Exercise Class

Yoga, spinning, or Zumba is a lot more enjoyable when you are not doing it alone. Make up for the junk-food-filled poker game and work off some of those extra calories and motivate each other to keep going. I know when I'm working out with a girlfriend, I'm a lot less likely to quit early. I can't let her show me up or see me quitting early! Zumba class can almost be called “going out dancing,” so we won't tell anyone if that's what you decide to tweet!

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Spa Party

A lot of spas have deals if you book a party of five or more. And while it's still a splurge, going with your girlfriends instead of by yourself not only saves you money, but it will probably also save your sanity! There's nothing better than relaxing, sipping a cool drink, and soaking your feet in a pedicure tub! Plus, you can't call each other true friends until you've seen the other in a mud mask! And if a visit to a real spa is out of the budget, you can always round up your munchkins to rub your feet!

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What do you and your girlfriends do for girls' night out? Have you finished any Pinterest projects? Tell us in the comments!

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Dating Your Girlfriends: 6 Great Girls’ Night Ideas

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