Creeper Moms: Spying on Baby’s Weird Sleep Positions

Image via Megan Klay

I shared this image of my son sleeping in this obviously silly position here on our EverydayFamily Facebook page with the caption, “My son's napping position the other day: Yes, I creep on my child when he's sleeping …” And the comments certainly made me feel better about my creepy behavior!

In fact, other mamas even replied with photos they had taken – while creeping on their babies – of their littles also in strange sleeping positions. They were all so adorable that I just had to put them together for you to see too!

Samantha H., “This was my little at his grandma's house sleeping with his legs straight up in the air… Silly babies!”

Mel B., “They can just sleep in any position, can't they? LOL!”

Jessica A., ” Yea mine sleeps sitting up… LMAO!”

Brandea E., “I always check on my babies; more my 6 month old than my 4 year old. My son hates his crib so this is how he sleeps. He HAS to have a blanket on his face or he won't sleep. Most parents would freak out, but he likes it like this and still wants to be swaddled. LOL!”

Soha A., “My son has always slept with his legs crossed… He's now 4 1/2!”

Becky W. , “My son is always curled up.”

Lia C., “My daughter every night. LOL!”

Camille M., “Mine's a thumb sucker. LOL!”

Jessica O.‘s little one knows how to find a good spot.

Angela H., “This is how my son normally sleeps!”

Suzi U.‘s little one has a sleeping buddy as big as she is!

Sara H., “Mine lays on her face in the froggie position. Cracks me up!”

Rahi A., “Mine both sleep butt up!”

Do you “creep” on your babies while they're sleeping? Have you caught them sleeping in any weird positions?”

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Creeper Moms: Spying on Baby’s Weird Sleep Positions

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