Create the Perfect Baby Book by Including These 8 Things!


You have a new baby and on your to-do list is preparing a baby book full of memories. Here are some suggestions for making a great keepsake for your little one.

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Pregnancy and Birth Story:

Include some information about what you felt when you learned you were pregnant, how excited you were when you found out you were having a boy or girl, cravings you had when you were pregnant, what the grandparents said when they found out they were going to be grandparents, other names you considered for baby. Don't forget to take time to record stories from your labor!

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throwback newspapers
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News of the Day:

Some newspaper headlines from the day your baby was born will help remind you of what was big news (besides their arrival). Some parents save an the entire paper from the day their baby was born, but cutting out headlines throughout the year which reference big events will help give baby the bigger picture of what was going on in the world the year he was born many years from now.

White House baby presidential welcome
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A Greeting from the President.

Send a birth announcement to the White House or fill out the online form to get a nice welcome from the President and First Lady.

President Barack Obama & Mrs Obama

The White House

White House Greetings Office

Room 39

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington, DC 20500

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The Price of Bread:

Imagine looking back and laughing about when gas “only” cost $3.00 a gallon. Saving receipts for everyday items like groceries, gas, and diapers will provide a laugh when you look back on them in ten or twenty years.

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Disney Cinderella castle baby
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A Warm Welcome from the Magic Kingdom.

Send a birth announcement to Mickey (or another favorite character) and get a greeting from the Happiest Place on Earth in response.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse

Walt Disney World

1675 N Buena Vista Dr

Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

baby's first year photo book
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Photos should have a place alongside the notes of milestones and cute moments in baby's life. A simple way to do this is to use a book such as Baby's First Year Photo Gallery, that has guided prompts to document baby's first year, such as “This month's big changes …” and “It's in your nature to be …” along with die-cut photo cards that can be used to photograph baby each month.

Using cute stickers, such as those from Sticky Bellies, that show the number of months baby is or different milestones, will help remind you to take photos regularly and will create a cute record of growth and progress. Keep in mind that baby will want to know what his first house looked like and what you looked like when he was born so don't limit photos to perfect moments or professional portraits.

newborn baby hospital bracelet
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Save the little things from baby's first year, such as his hospital baby bracelet or a lock of hair by taping them to the book or including small envelopes. For other items that may be too big to include in a baby book, such as footprints taken at the hospital, take a photo to include in the book. Even if you keep these items separately it will be nice to have a record of everything in one place.

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Milestones and Precious Moments:

Of course you do not want to forget important milestones, such as when baby rolled over or smiled for the first time. To help keep these from being a dry list of dates be sure to include an anecdote about how Daddy reacted when the little one crawled for the first time or how big brother got so excited the first time he handed baby a toy and he held on.

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Create the Perfect Baby Book by Including These 8 Things!

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