Cravings Confessions: Pregnant Moms Share Their Unusual Cravings Throughout Pregnancy

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Cravings are an expected symptom of pregnancy and one that many women think about as they're waiting for those two pink lines to show up. Some cravings are not healthy (like if you have pica), while others, in moderation, are totally OK.

I had some crazy cravings in my earlier pregnancies–like weird! With my first pregnancy, I couldn't get enough orange juice and drank so much of it I thought I was going to turn orange. I also had a big craving for something stranger–something that I enjoyed often and tried to keep secret, cause it was really weird.

What was it? Glazed donuts topped with hot chili and cheddar cheese. I don't understand why that combination, but it was amazing–while I was pregnant. When I told people of this craving, I immediately got the “Oh, what? NO! Really?” reaction from people and yet, the more I spoke with other pregnant women, the more their secret confessions came out.

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If you're pregnant or have been in the past and you've always thought your cravings were weird, you're probably not alone. Chances are there are others who have had the same craving, or maybe even weirder. Feel like sharing your secret craving confession? Share in the comments after you take a read through these six women's secret craving confessions.

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“I'm currently in my eighth month of pregnancy. It's been interesting, particularly since I'm an expat in Argentina and don't have access to many of my favorite foods. I have been almost vegan during this entire pregnancy. I usually hear the opposite, and with my first child, I craved animal proteins. This time around? I stopped eating meat altogether. I've had to leave the room if someone is even cooking chicken. Eggs and dairy, depends, but I went through months of not being able to eat any of them.

“Sweet and sour TVP meatballs, though? Bring it on.”

— Leigh Shulman, The Future is Red

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“When I was pregnant, I craved rainbow sprinkles and ice. I have no idea why, but they both always sounded so good! My husband was beyond supportive of my odd cravings. He surprised me and bought a heart ice tray. One night, he brought me heart-shaped ice with sprinkles attached. That's the moment I knew he was definitely a keeper.”

— Margene, blogger


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“I had chicken fried rice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That and a good filet mignon in my third trimester was all I could eat without feeling [nauseated]. I even sent my lawyers out every now and then to get my usual cravings. After eating, I [would] bend and adjust myself to get comfortable, which looked so awkward. Even my chiropractic husband shook his head in amazement. But it helped my food to digest and baby was also fine. Now when I even try to eat chicken fried rice, I want to throw up. So does my son. But my husband surely agrees, along with our restaurant bills, that I'm still a meat and potatoes woman.”

— Stephanie Adams-Nicolai, Founder & CEO of GODDESSY and GODDESSY Organics

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“During my pregnancy with my daughter, I craved dairy, meat, and salt. I insisted on ice cream every night topped with cheddar cheese. And I regularly made pan-seared medium-rare steaks topped with cream cheese and green olives. Those were the most delicious things I'd ever tasted. They had never occurred to me before then, and I can't even think about them now without feeling morning sickness all over again.”

— Stacey Hudson, Augusta, Ga.

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“When I was pregnant with my first child, I craved everything ORANGE. Not the flavor orange (which would be reasonable), but the COLOR orange. I couldn't get enough macaroni & cheese, carrots, cheese puffs, orange juice, clementines, cheese crackers, etc. If it wasn't orange, I didn't want it.

My specific craving during that time was cheese puffs. I went in the hospital early due to preeclampsia, and I sent my ex-husband to get some cheese puffs, and he had the audacity to return with Cheetos. I may have reacted irrationally, but everyone knows those are two totally different snacks!! Bless his heart for having to put up with my crazy pregnancy antics!”

— Valerie DeLoach, parenting/blended family blogger, Our New Party of Six


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“When pregnant with my daughter, I craved Weight Watchers frozen white spinach pizzas, so much I ate them EVERY DAY. I went to the grocery store, and they were out of stock, and I bawled for about 20 minutes in the frozen foods section. Nothing sadder than seeing a pregnant woman cry in the frozen food section.

“The next day, I came back to the store, and the pizzas were back in stock. I bought 12 of them (I cleaned out the freezer) and nothing else. The cashier checking me out looked at me like I was insane.

“When pregnant with baby #2, I craved San Pelligrino and (Lactaid) milk. I am lactose intolerant and not a big milk drinker at all. But one day, I was so desperate for Lactaid… that I posted on Facebook how panicked I was that there was no milk in the house because my husband had the car and I was on bed rest. About an hour later, my husband's childhood friend showed up at my front door with a carton of Lactaid. It was about 7 a.m., and he had been working all night, and his wife called him and said, ‘Holly needs milk.' So he brought me some Lactaid. When he left, I literally cried–not because of what he'd done for me, which was incredibly kind, but because I was so happy to have milk.”

— Holly Rodriguez, communications consultant in Richmond, Va

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So tell us – how do your cravings compare?

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Cravings Confessions: Pregnant Moms Share Their Unusual Cravings Throughout Pregnancy

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  1. Hilary says:

    I’m 11 weeks and I’m craving Vinegar! I can’t get enough and I have to stop myself from just drinking it. I eat it on as many things as possible!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    With daughter I craved strange things like goldfish crackers mixed into coffee flavored ice cream, cheetos with mustard, jalapenos right out of the jar. I’m 3 months along right now with #2, having passed the sickness I am obsessed with oranges, burnt toast with grape jam and steak fries. My husband is worried about what it will be next haha

  3. Caroline says:

    I am 7 months pregnant. So far I’ve only craved cereal and Boston Market sweet potatoes (not together lol)

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