What All Couples Should Do Before Getting Pregnant

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I've always known I wanted children, but I was in no rush to rock my wonderful world either. Honestly, I feel like I could have waited a few more years before adding our beautiful boy to our family, but my husband is eight years older than I am and didn't want to be an “old dad”. Which I totally got, and I felt ready enough so we went for it. I say “ready enough” because who is ever really ready? Don't get me wrong, having my son has been my most amazing adventure yet, but it's also been my most challenging endeavor.

Before kids you only have you to worry about. Sure, life may not always be easy, but you get more sleep, have more freedom, more time, and more money! Here are the things I felt were important for me to do before my hubby and I grew our family. I wonder if you'll agree?

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This one is so obvious, and you'll probably get sick of hearing your parent-friends and everyone else say it, but seriously. SLEEP. My son recently turned one, and just started sleeping through the night. I'm almost scared to type this, in case I jinx it and I'm waking up once or multiple times a night again. I am not my best self unless I have sleep, so let's just say I haven't been the best me for a while …

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Cook elaborate meals

Your time will be limited once baby arrives, so save your cereal dinner for the future.

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Take pictures of you and your hubby

After baby is here, it's all shutter eyes on them. You'll likely get a few of all of you, but pictures of just the two of you will become a thing of the past. Capture that well-rested glow while you still have it!

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Once you're a parent, brunch often happens during nap time. If you're able to make it out of the house in the AM, you're usually on the early bird breakfast train. Sleep in, then take your time savoring your hot meal, and enjoy your mimosas or bloody marys while you can.

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Take a vacation

With your hubby, with your girlfriends, just take a vacation. A vacation is not a vacation once you have kids and you bring them with you. It's a trip. Sure, they're fun, but they also require a lot of planning and some work.

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Read books for pleasure

You'll be lacking in time and energy to read something for the sheer enjoyment of it once you have a baby. Most of your reading will be search results from Doctor Google about sleep, poop, crying, etc.

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Okay, maybe jumping out of a perfectly good airplane isn't quite your thing. Find something else that's adventurous and a bit risky that is, and do it. Once you have kids you'll always be a little bit more worried about something happening to you, because God forbid, what would that sweet baby of yours do without you? Take chances now.

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Take your time dressing up, doing your hair, putting on a bit of makeup, then go to concerts, stay out late having drinks and dancing with friends, or whatever night owl activity makes you happy, because you won't have the energy to for a while. Then, a bit before you're ready to start trying, both future mom and dad should slow down on your drinking so you're your healthiest selves. Cheers!

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Finish up projects

Whether this be a house remodel, landscaping, getting your real estate license, making your wedding album, running a race; whatever life odds and ends or goals you'd like to achieve, get them done now while time and energy are on your side.

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Dye your hair


Always wanted to see what it's like to be a red head? Dye your hair whatever funky, bold color you want it now, then before you're ready to conceive, dye it as close to natural as you can get it. It's not the safest thing ever to color your hair during pregnancy, so it's better to get back to what your mama gave you.

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Drink coffee

Enjoy it now, while it's still hot. You'll get busy and distracted and probably won't enjoy a hot, non-microwaved cup of coffee in peace for a while. My move for sometime was to throw ice in my once hot cup and call it iced coffee. Also, you are going to want to cut back on caffeine before you conceive. Most doctors agree you can still have a cup a day once pregnant, but I just went ahead and made the switch to decaf. The Swiss Water decaffeinating process is supposedly the best method for the bean, and for you, so I'd recommend you look for that if you decide to make the switch too.

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Make a restaurant checklist

Are there places in your neighborhood/city that you've been meaning to get to, but haven't tried yet? Some place fancy you've been waiting to splurge on? Places you love to dine? Create a list of these and start eating out while it's just the two of you. We eat out with baby fairly often, and it's usually totally fine. But typically one of you eats a little later than the other, you're nursing throughout your meal, food gets cold, baby gets fussy, any multitude of things could occur, so enjoy those meals out before they do.

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Get in shape

You're going to want to be your healthiest you for your pregnancy. So whether it's your diet you need to get in check, an exercise habit you need to form, or maybe you're someone who works out like crazy and doesn't feed themselves enough; evaluate your meal and fitness choices and make any necessary changes now.

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Start saving

I realize this may contradict a lot of my previous advice, but life is about balance, right? If you don't have one already, now is the time to create a budget. One that hopefully allows for a little dining out and a vacation, but babies are also expensive. And you don't want to end up with a new baby and a mountain of debt; the combination will send your stress levels through the roof. Check out Mint and setup a free account. You can track your spending and determine where to cut back and how much you have available to save.


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Find your zen

Take a yoga class, visit a museum, spend some time at a spa, or some other quiet space you can't bring baby to that makes you really happy. Soak up the peace and tranquility. You're going to need some coping mechanisms when things get stressful with baby, so really absorb the feelings of relaxation you find when you're in your happy places and try to take those feelings home with you. Practice getting back there mentally when something stressful comes up at work so you're able to implement your new skills at 4am when baby is up crying again and you're exhausted.

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Or stay put. Just try your best to settle into a home you and your partner are happy in. You'll want to welcome baby to a comfortable space, not one that you don't feel at peace in. Even if it's not your dream home, do things to make it as warm as possible so you feel joyful when you're there.


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Enjoy your partner's company

Your relationship will change once baby arrives. I'm not saying it's for the worse, it's just different. Really try to absorb each other's company while your house is quiet and your attention is undivided.

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What do you hope to accomplish or enjoy before adding to your family?

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What All Couples Should Do Before Getting Pregnant

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