Pregnancy Mood Swings: 4 Funny Stories and Tips to Cope

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We all know the typical television plot line: You see a main character act out of character and she becomes more emotional than usual. She starts crying after watching a relatively tame commercial on TV or she starts yelling because the barista didn’t put the right amount of foam on her latte. The next thing we see – her standing in the washroom holding a pregnancy test with a surprise look in her eyes.

Yep, she’s pregnant and the key to knowing before that test showed the two lines: her mood swings.

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Mood swings in pregnancy are fairly common; the American Pregnancy Association says these mood swings can all be related to the hormonal changes as well as physical and emotional toll pregnancy has on a woman. Myself, I am not really what I would call an emotional or moody person, but when I am pregnant – that changes quickly and early on. Before I even have confirmation I am carrying a little life inside me, my reaction to small things, like television commercials I’ve seen over-and-over again, is to cry. It’s so outside my normal self that my husband and I always know that when I do take that pregnancy test it’s going to give us a big reason for my mood swings.

Dealing with these mood swings is not always easy for us — or our partners. It can make life feel a little unpredictable and stressful, which is never nice. According to the American Pregnancy Association, doing small things to help reduce your stress-levels can help ease the mood swings often associated with early pregnancy and again in the third trimester.

I’ve found one way to help ease mood swings is learning and watching for the signs that it may be more serious and if it isn’t – laugh. There is a lot that humor can do for us when we’re stressed out and sometimes even our own mood swings can be great fodder for giggles.

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If you’re not quite ready to laugh at your own mood changes in pregnancy, here are 4 funny stories from moms whose pregnancy mood swings may bring a harmless giggle when you need it most:

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“I'm currently preggo with our third boy, and my husband asked me last night to put lotion on his feet. I nearly lost my mind. ‘Are you kidding me? You should be putting lotion on MY feet!' And then I stormed off … Prior to my pregnancy, I had put lotion on his feet quite often. But that will teach him to ask me while I'm pregnant!! I also cry at basically everything on TV, and I don't normally do that!” — Keri, My Constant Chaos

Image adapted via Flickr/ TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³

“I was so emotional with my 3rd! When we were on vacation in Hawaii, EVERY food available to me sounded absolutely revolting. All I wanted was a grilled chicken salad and couldn't find one (if you can believe that). So I didn't eat for like 12 hours and cried because I was hungry.  A grown woman. Crying over food. Another time, we were picking out kitchen cabinets and it was overwhelming and the salesman was being rude and not helpful at all- I just burst into tears … Right there in the showroom. Totally, not embarrassing at all.” — Corine

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“I come from a large family of nurses, paramedics, and the like. So normally, I am not squeamish at the thought (or sight) of blood or needles. Boy, I am now! Sitting in the doctor’s office getting blood work done, I nearly threw up when I saw the needle. A tiny drop of blood on my arm had the room tilting crazily. However, I managed to remain upright … until I went to throw away trash and saw the blood vials sitting on the counter! Then the floor became the ceiling! I was so mortified when I came to, even though everyone assured me I was fine, that it happens all the time. I couldn't stop crying!” — Nana

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“I have found myself cursing more than usual this pregnancy. I am accustomed to occasional cursing, but now it is daily. It doesn't take much to set me off and when the expletives fly it is a slightly out-of-body experience where I ask myself why I am cursing so much. I am having a boy this time so I asked other moms if they experienced this and apparently this happened to them too. In many cases, it has been provoked, but it is out of character for me- slightly.” — Janine N. Truitt, Think Innovations, LLC

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Do you have your own pregnancy mood swing stories? Please share in the comments! 

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Pregnancy Mood Swings: 4 Funny Stories and Tips to Cope

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