12 of the Best Christmas Gifts for the New or Expecting Mom

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When it comes to Christmas shopping, it's easy to focus on what the little ones in your life will receive, but don't forget about Mom! There are tons of great options for new and expecting moms that will help make her life a little better.

chilis gift card
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Birth and postpartum doula Michelle Cohen knows what every new and expecting mom really wants: food! Whether she's too big to cook, or too busy snuggling a little one to think about dinner, providing a new or expectant mom with a nourishing holiday meal will be appreciated.

Don't like cooking yourself? Forget the casserole, send her a gift card to a restaurant where you can order and get delivered a nice hot meal.

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Many new and expecting moms find they really need one thing: the return of their short-term memory. Since you can't give her that, give her something that will help her find her constantly lost keys and phone.

The Tile is a little white tile that can attach to keys or whatever you lose most often. Once you sync your Tile to your phone, you can then use your phone to find your keys and your keys to find your phone. Brilliant!

I've used my Tile more times than I can count in the first week alone. Mom can even attach a Tile to her baby (kidding).

Image via Wacom

This one is for the mom who likes tech or who needs to stay organized. The Wacom Bamboo Spark makes it possible to take notes by hand and then have your handwritten notes converted into a digital file — a digital file that can be synced with multiple devices like your phone, tablet, and computer.

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Never worry about misplacing notes again! When kids are old enough to draw, they can even use the Bamboo Spark to create masterpieces that are easy for Mom to keep forever without taking up space.


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Many new moms want to get back in shape after having a baby. A gift that helps her get fit after giving birth will likely be appreciated.

The Fitbit Charge HR can monitor her heart rate. If she doesn't like the look of a Fitbit bracelet, she might like the Fitbit One, which can be clipped anywhere or put in her pocket. Many Fitbits can also monitor sleep, something that's always on new moms' minds!

phone case
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New moms all face a similar problem: the baby really, really wants to play with her phone. Another common problem? Mom's hands are full with her baby and her baby gear, and she drops her phone.

A lot.

The solution? A phone case that can withstand everything. The Thule Atmos X5 iPhone Case can withstand falls and spills, so basically, it can withstand the challenges of new motherhood.

stroller mittens
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It's a truth many moms learn early on — that sometimes, baby just needs to be outside. If the new or expecting mom in your life might be pushing a stroller around in cold weather, she will thank you every time she uses her 7 AM Enfant Polar WarMMuffs.

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These ingenious muffs attach to her stroller's handles so that she can push your stroller without gloves, all while keeping her hands warm. This means no struggling to get gloves on and off when she needs to use her phone or give something to the baby.


phone camera
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There is one thing moms all love to do: take pictures of their little ones! Most moms will not be caught without their phones, so give her the gift of more interesting photos with the Lensbaby Creative Mobile Kit.

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Speaking of photos, most moms would absolutely love photos of their little ones displayed in their home. Try a unique gift like these metal prints from Tiny Prints that can be made with one special photo or as a collage.


Or, if Mom prefers photo books, check out Mixbook. It has tons of options including making books with photos from iPhones, Instagram, and Facebook.

family photo
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During my last pregnancy, and my baby's first year or so, I carried around a notebook to record special thoughts and moments with my baby, along with to-do lists that I needed to help me through life in my sleep-deprived state.

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I chose a cute notebook, but I would have loved a beautiful personalized journal, like this one from Tiny Prints, which goes for under $15.

Image via Bambi Baby Store

Most expecting and new moms would love a stylish bag that works for her needs and her baby's needs. The Chestnut Parker Tote from Mamas & Papas is so gorgeous — no one will suspect that it's a diaper bag.

Inside are tons and tons of pockets and a wipe-off lining that is perfect for carrying everything you need for a little one.

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Most moms love taking photos of their little ones with whichever camera they have available, whether it's their phone or a big DSLR. The problem is that many of these photos get lost or forgotten about completely. The Bevy Smart Photo System is an ingenious approach to making sure Mom keeps every single frame of her little one.

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Use an app or download a memory card and all photos are stored in one secure place. This gift will keep on giving for years to come.

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Take it from a mom of four: moms of new babies spend a lot of time cuddling sleeping babies and even being pinned under them, afraid to move, lest she wake the baby.

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There are also many hours during the first year and beyond, spent feeding the baby or caring for him in the middle of the night. These times are, of course, precious, but I've found that I enjoy these hours more when I have a quiet activity to pass the time while enjoying those new-baby snuggles.


The NOOK GlowLight Plus is the perfect solution since it is light enough to hold in one hand and can be read in the dark without emitting bright light that may disturb the baby or Mom's sleeping, grown-up partner.

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Are you a new or expecting mom? What is on your wishlist?

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12 of the Best Christmas Gifts for the New or Expecting Mom

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