Celebrating Mother’s Day When You’re Expecting: A Daddy-to-Be’s Guide

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“Before you were conceived I wanted you. Before you were born I loved you. Before you were here an hour I would die for you. This is the miracle of Mother's Love.” – Maureen Hawkins

We mothers work hard for our babies even before we meet them. Sharing our hearts and our bodies while growing our tiny little humans is a beautiful, messy miracle. And it's one that should be celebrated! Here are some ideas for how your daddy-to-be can honor you on your special day, in several special ways:

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Belly cast

This is a great daddy/mama/baby bonding activity! It's an intimate way to commemorate her pregnancy and celebrate her beautiful expectant mama curves. You will score big thoughtful points for purchasing this reasonably priced kit and suggesting this as her Mother's Day activity. If she's not 8-9 months along yet, no biggie, this will still make a great gift along with the promise that you will assist her in creating the belly cast once her belly is further along.

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Go out for brunch or dinner to celebrate

Ask hubby to look for Mother's Day brunch/dinner specials in your area and schedule something! OpenTable.com has a list put together for our city this year, they may have one for yours too! Let's be real, men aren't naturally the most romantic, and they're certainly not psychic. So why not give him a little nudge in the right direction and ask that he find a restaurant offering something special for mothers who dine there on their day and make the reservation, then the surprise will be where you go and what you fill you and baby's bellies with!

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Book her an appointment for a prenatal massage

It's important that the masseuse is certified to provide prenatal massages. They'll also likely have one of these fancy pregnancy massage cushions so that mama can finally lay on her belly again while having her back rubbed. Trust me, it's amazing! Can't afford one? Give her one! If nothing else, rub the poor woman's feet. She's carrying around a lot of extra weight thanks to your sweet baby she's growing!


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Buy her chocolates, ice cream, cookies, AND whatever her favorite dessert is. Seriously. Don't try to make her sick, but let her indulge a little (or a lot) today! If you want to be extra sweet with the sweets and doing something a little more affordable, bake her some cookies or brownies yourself!

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Buy her a maternity outfit or take her shopping for one

Whether she's shared it or not, she's most likely having a hard time accepting her new body changes. Yes, she's pregnant and it's obvious to her that her body will change and that that is why, but it can still be challenging to accept! Her normal clothes are getting snug or don't fit anymore and she's probably the most comfortable in sweats, but they probably don't make her feel all that beautiful. So, take her out and buy her something that does make her feel beautiful and tell her all about how great she looks in it!

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Watch a RomCom with her

Watch a chick flick with her and don't complain about it. Pop her popcorn and serve those chocolates or that dessert you whipped up. She may cry during the movie – hormones and stuff – don't ask her what's wrong, just have tissues at the ready, snuggle her, and smile understandingly.

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Baby clothes

Buy a little something for your baby and gift it to mama. Maybe something like this ‘Mommy's mini' for your future daughter, or this ‘Mama's Main Squeeze' ‘fit for your future son. She'll think it's oh so sweet!

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Maternity photos.


Splurge and buy her a package (Tip: lots of photographers offer discounts on mom-related sessions around Mother's Day!). Can't afford it? No biggie! Tell her you'd like her to get dressed in something that really shows off her bump (AKA that nice outfit you bought her) and take her to a park or other nice outdoor space nearby, bring your iPhone, and get your paparazzi on! She'll love you and the pictures for forever.

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Work on baby's nursery together!

If she's anything like most moms I know, she has some sort of a ‘honey-do' list going, and putting together baby's nursery is likely on it. Take some time on Mother's Day to work with one another to get ready for baby's big arrival.

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Paint her toenails and/or offer to shave her legs.

This is for the far along mamas and their super sweet partners. When you have a big, beautiful baby belly in the way it can be quite the feat to shave your legs, and reaching (or seeing) your toes becomes a distant memory. You can look up some simple pedicure instructions online so you have some idea of what to do, and if you're going to shave her legs, just pretend it's your face and take it slow and gentle! You lending her a helping hand will make her feel pretty and well cared for while you're at it.

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Take her to a local pool to float

Pregnant women carry around a lot more weight than our bodies are used to, and we feel it! From our feet to our hips to our backs, the changes our bodies go through to make room for a growing little one are pretty tremendous. Being in water helps to take some of the load off and it feels amazing! Try a recreation center in your area for reasonably priced pool access and accompany her while she gets her float on!

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Plan a babymoon together

This is me on our babymoon/three year wedding anniversary trip to Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. We had an amazing time!


Once baby comes your relationship will change. You're sleep deprived and are no longer each other's number ones. Honestly, most days you'll just be doing what you need to do to manage your new roles as parents, which means your relationship will likely slip to the wayside. There have been times since we've had our baby boy when I've felt that our relationship is more like a roommate/work relationship than husband and wife. It's been hard, but I also know that it's temporary. My point is, take time to truly enjoy each other's company while you have it!

You don't have to go fancy and far to do this; plan a staycation by driving somewhere to get away for a night or two. You'll be very thankful you had this experience when you were able.

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How are you hoping to spend this Mother's Day?


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Celebrating Mother’s Day When You’re Expecting: A Daddy-to-Be’s Guide

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  1. Perfect! I just shared this with one of my best friends, who will be 22 weeks this Mother’s Day!


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