Celebrating Daddies-to-Be on Father’s Day

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While you're expecting, mamas-to-be typically get all the love and attention. Don't get me wrong, it's well-deserved, but sometimes daddies-to-be can feel a little left by the wayside. Help him to feel included with a little Father's Day love. Here are some ideas!

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Baby Initial Cuff Links

If daddy is a suit and tie kind of guy and you've settled on baby's name, cuff links with baby's initials are sweet and sure to make daddy look sharp.

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Matching Last Name Jerseys

If daddy is a sports fan, matching ‘Team (insert your last name here)' jersey shirts would be too cute.

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Dad Est. Mug + some good coffee

Dad-to-be will truly savor a cup of coffee in this sweet mug. Recommendations for good coffee from a Seattleite (that's me): Caffe Umbria and Vivace. YUM!

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Dad Est. Pint Glass + Some Good Beer

Order this with the year instead of a specific date and it will be perfect for daddy-to-be. Just head to the store to pick up some of his favorite beer, or ask for suggestions based on what you know he likes and surprise him with something new and different. Cheers!

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Dadchelor Party

I'm going to go ahead and get this one trademarked. I came up with the idea when a close friend was getting ready to have a baby and it has stuck in our friend group since. Mamas get their baby shower pampering, daddies get a night out on the town with friends! Just reach out to his bestie to help with planning and boom, gift given.

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Letter from Baby

Well, written by you, but sharing the characteristics that will make him a good daddy!

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Dad Instruction Books

Because you shouldn't be the one doing all the reading and preparing! Daddy-to-be will also likely love feeling at least somewhat prepared for this adventure with some book knowledge. The two I bought for my husband were: Be Prepared: A Practical Handbook for New Dads and From Dude to Dad: The Diaper Dude Guide to Pregnancy. He found them to be pretty darn helpful!

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Show daddy some love with an outfit for your future little miss or mister.

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My First Father's Day Frame

With an ultrasound pic!

Which gift for daddy-to-be do you find the most appealing? Happy celebrating!

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Celebrating Daddies-to-Be on Father’s Day

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